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H&M Beauty | An Overview and Our 3 Top Picks

H&M Beauty has got to be one of the most highly anticipated beauty collections to drop this season and we are pleased to announce that on the 14th September 2017, the entire range will be launched in Malaysia at 4 store locations, and that would be at H&M Lot 10, Avenue K, 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid.

The Bronzers

Now the range is pretty extensive you guys, and there are over 1000 product variations on cosmetics, skincare, body care and beauty tools. Plus on the launch day itself, there will be many exciting in-store launch promotions and activities; as well as the limited edition High Summer Collection that will be released as part of the full concept launch, but will only be available at the brand's H&M Lot 10 and Avenue K boutiques.

H&M Beauty Launch In-Store Promotions
(14th September - 17th September 2017)

The Skincare
On the variety

So here is what you would need to know. H&M will be offering a 20% rebate to all shoppers who purchase five or more beauty items from the 14th to the 17th September 2017.

There will be a complimentary first come first served hand massage at their pop up beauty parlor on the 14th and 15th September from 12pm to 2pm and on the 16th and 17th from 2pm to 5pm. Not only that, but shoppers who spend a minimum of RM200 on any beauty product at H&M Lot 10 and Avenue K will receive a special travel kit as well while stocks last.

The Single Eyeshadows
Lip shades

Hence in conjunction to that, we have listed down the prices below for easier reference, and it is to our delight to share that no product here (excluding the palettes) is above the RM100 price range. Not only that, but below we also gave a go at our 3 Top Picks within the collection as well.

On the conscious collection
H&M Beauty Retail Reference:

  • Color Essence Eye Pencil : RM29.90
  • Cream Lip Color Cream : RM49.90
  • Custom Color Drops (Darkening and Lightening) : RM74.90
  • Illumination Luster Powder : RM59.90
  • Illuminising Drops : RM49.90
  • Infinite Impact Eye Color : RM29.90
  • Light & Shade Contour Duo : RM49.90
  • Lip Color To Go : RM29.90
  • Lush Lip Vinyl : RM44.90
  • Matte Lip Color : RM49.90
  • Medium Shading Brush : RM29.90
  • Natural Satin Foundation : RM74.90
  • Nail Color : RM24.90
  • Oil Fusion Nail Color : RM24.90
  • Pure Radiance Powder Blusher : RM44.90
  • Solar Flair Bronzing Powder : RM49.90
  • Superfine Browliner : RM39.90
  • Tuscan Escape eye Palette : RM99.90
  • All Over Highlighter : RM74.90
  • All Over Mist : RM24.90

What's In Our Bag? | 3 Top Picks

Custom Color Drops

Okay so our very first one here is the Custom Color Drops. H&M has two variation of these, one for Lightening and another for Darkening, and let's just say that we are absolutely blown away by these. We tested this out on a vast majority of foundations in our stash, and we found that this mix is very well suited for liquid, gel and tinted moisturizer foundations.

The applicator

As you can see, it comes with a dropper, but as we are not too crazy about that (due to its applicator), let's talk about the formulation. During application, the texture was found to be not so thick, but instead quite smooth in terms of how liquids go. The shade in dark was indeed quite deep in tone, so a little drop would go a long way when you mix it in with your foundation.

The difference

This product is a huge winner on our end, because as far as foundations go, whenever you go either two to three tones darker or lighter, you would never need to waste the product ever again. You can use these drops to also customize according to your respected skin tone and if you are a makeup artist, this would certainly be the one product that you would never leave home without.

The Highlighter Stick

As for this All Over Highlighter Stick, we we quite surprise with the pigmentation. The payoff was strong and the product itself was very blendable on the skin. Plus if you were to layer the top with a powder highlight, your overall look would basically glow till no end.


There are two shades to this highlight and whether it'd be gold or to the pink side, we have to say that considering its price point, quantity and terms of affordability, this is definitely a worthwhile item to have in your vanity. Especially if you love highlighters and would like to go a little extra on your every day look.

Lip colors

As for our third item, let's talk about lipsticks. However first, can we just take a minute to appreciate how lux this beautiful packaging is? Somehow the overall look for the H&M Beauty Line just makes the inner beauty junkie in us very happy.

Hot Chocolate

So in terms of this, H&M Beauty has multiple lip selections to go for and that is in Color Cream, Lip Color To Go, Lush Lip Vinyl and its Matte Lip Colors. As it is quite difficult to pin point neutrals out for tanner skin tones, we decided to opt for a nude mauve brown in the shade Hot Chocolate. This was in the matte formulation, and we will give you a little breakdown below on how it applied on the lip.


Now this shade is the perfect nude to any tan skin tone girls out there. We have been searching for one for quite some time, and we have to say we are more than delighted that we have found one within the collection. As for the formulation, we have to admit that the matte texture is a little bit drying, but with a little help of moisturization from a balm, that should help to cap it.

On overall, the collection for H&M Beauty is just amazing and honestly we cannot wait to try out more from the brand. So in the meantime, for further information about H&M Beauty, you can check them out on their Official Website for more details as well.



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