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Balancing Work, Life and Motherhood

At the event

I always found that having a good personal and work life balance is essential to our daily routine, and recently upon the arrival of my little girl, it has been admittedly getting a little challenging to follow through consistently at times.

Nevertheless, I have found the journey of motherhood to be quite an exciting experience, but of course like all new modern families, sourcing for good parenting tips on how to be effective and efficient towards your child; as well as on how to manage our home-care needs at the same time, are fundamentally vital as well.

On Modern Parenthood
The Launch

So hence, upon attending a recent event for KAO's, let me share on the background of the brand and some insight that was given with all new parents out there. KAO, which is Japan's Home Care Expert, is all about having a product range that would make life easier and smoother for parents. Their variety focuses on time-efficient home care which I love and thus aligns their line to be quick, easy, fun and manageable when it comes to taking care of a family.

Adrianna and her Merries
Comfortable sizing

What I really enjoyed about all this was that KAO gave its customers a hands on experience to give a go on their products while teaching them at the same time on how to use them properly. A favorite among the range is Attack and Magiclean, and as you can see above, my little one is simply enjoying her Merries as well. It gives amazing comfort and fits well to her size.

The latest Hygiene and Anti-Bacterial Range

 However if you are like me and tend to get a little worried on cleanliness whenever your child heads out to play, you should have a look at the new Attack 'Hygiene and Anti-Bacterial' range. This product has a wonderful anti-bacterial formulation that has sweat and odor prevention all day long, plus it also keeps clothes smelling fresh much longer with an amazing lingering fragrance too.

On the product range
On Overall

Hence, to all new parents and mums out there, if you are curious about this campaign, you can always find out more through their Official Website and Facebook Page. Plus if you are around Johor from September 19th - 24th, there will also be a roadshow at AEON Bukit Indah, all about My Modern Parenthood as well.



  1. Must have cleaning product for every mom that really care aboit their kids and baby. Especially the hygiene & anti bacterial range one.

  2. Kao's product is good because it's full of antibacterial formulation and it's a great choice for mommy out there...

  3. Tell me about it! Really not easy to balance all these together. Having useful and the right product however would definitely make things easier.

  4. Interesting because i am mom for 2 children. Cleanliness and hygiene always my priority. Tq for sharing.

  5. Kao has such a huge range of products, I believe every household has at least one or two at home. How awesome that they hosted such a workshop.

  6. Welcome to Parenthood dear...I am sure it isn't easy balancing both lives but I am confident you will be able to pull it off just as well as before...or maybe even better...

    and like you said KAO is helping you in a way or two too, right? So, more reasons to not fret about it...

  7. this is great stuff.. I love Kao products as well and I am sure it helps moms like us a lot...

  8. Kao has a lot baby friendly products. I also using it.


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