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Sephora Brand Highlights | Fenty Beauty

Sephora Highlights | Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty was pretty much one of the most anticipated brands to come into Sephora this year and during its launched date, we found out that its founder, Rihanna had released a wide spectrum of 40 shades of foundation with the line that completely blew us away.

The collection also included a variety of Match Stixs, Blotting Powder and Paper, Killawatt Highlighters, a universal lip luminizer and a fair amount of beauty tools (inclusive of a makeup sponge) to go along with it. Not only that, but you would find that almost everything in the line is cruelty free and was made to do multiple functions, like a highlighter can be used for the eyes as a shadow instead of just solely for a highlight.

Fenty Beauty Instant Retouch Primer (RM140) | Foundation (RM145)

On the primer and foundation

So taking a look at the wide range, we are now going to give you our thoughts on some of the best selections out of the collection, and one of the very first ones that we are going to touch base with is on the brand's Instant Retouch Primer and the Fenty Beauty Foundation in 310.

A Closer Look

Hence starting off with the Instant Retouch Primer, this is a matte, shine-stopping, pore-diffusing texture that makes way for better foundation application and longer wear. Upon applying it on, you would notice that besides smoothing pores down, it also eases any form of redness on the face and evens the skin-tone out as well.

Thus when it is paired with the foundation, both textures blend in wonderfully together and this creates a blurring effect that melts instantly into the skin. The foundation on its own however is just as stunning- it has a lightweight consistency, has seamless coverage and goes on like a second layer to the skin without any hassle.

The shades

Plus although there has been some talk about the texture oxidizing and not being suitable for those with dry skin, we have thus trialed this out for over a 3 week duration period and so far, it does well on dry skin, so no complaints there.


In terms of oxidization, we found that due to its texture being a little more liquid then most foundations out there, you would hence need to give time for the consistency to dry.

Once it does, the color will then settle, and thus you would get a slightly different shade following the undertone that the color has been placed with (A good example of this reference would be like a fresh coat of paint). So on overall, oxidization is not the correct term used here, its more like allowing the color to dry down and that would be your final shade.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife (RM145)

The Packaging
In Trophy Wife

Now seeing as this highlighter was the one that took the most of the attention out of the entire collection, here we have the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife. It is certainly not your every day highlighter but it is definitely one that stands out more than the rest. The tone here is in a blinding yellow gold, and as swatched below you can see that it has beautiful pigmentation.


So seeing as Fenty Beauty does make their products pretty multipurpose, you can apply the Killawatt Highlighter as either a lone highlight, eye-shadow or even as a body glitter. You will find that the glitter within the pigment here can shift, so you can certainly dust it on your frame to make you glow or you can pack on a primer on both the face and lids to make it more concentrated to stay.

It's found that it is always best to layer on a setting spray if you are applying it on as a highlight, so that it will lock the pigment together and thus will not shift.

Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder (RM130)

The Packaging

For all of you boys and girls who are looking for a universal powder that diffuses pores and eliminates shine, this right here takes the cake. This blotting powder is finely milled and gives a natural matte refresh to the face without a trace of white overcast on both the camera and off.

This is quite ideal to have at hand especially when heading outdoors or if you would be in need of a light, yet quick touch up on the go. It comes with a blotting sponge but also can be used with its magnetic Portable Touch Up Brush (RM105) for smoother and even coverage.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo (RM145)
[Mean Money, Hu$tla Baby | Ginger Binge, Moscow Mule ]

The Highlighter Duos

As for our last two picks, here we have the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Mean Money, Hu$tla Baby and Ginger Binge, Moscow Mule. The choice of shades here are extremely complimentary to tan and darker skin tones and are absolutely lovely when swatched on.

It is good to note however that the shine and pigmentation on these are not as strong as the singles like Trophy Wife but on their own are extremely buildable, whether you would like to go from natural during the day to blinding at night.

In Ginger Binge & Moscow Mule

Thus taking from these two shades of Ginger Binge, Moscow Mule, the versatility of these deeper tones can be applied on the cheeks as a blush or on the eyes to brighten them up. As a highlight it gives quite a nice natural shine, plus as there are two tones to play with, you can layer them up as an eye-shadow as well to give a more concentrated blushed out finish.

In Mean Money & Hu$tla Baby

As for the lighter duo in Mean Money, Hu$tla Baby, the formulation here is not quite as strong as the deeper tones in the Killawatt Highlighter Duo range due to it being a more natural highlight to warm skintones. Hence, while the glitter shade within certainly does show in the swatches, on its own it is always best to layer it up on the skin as it can be quite light if packed on solo.

A trick with this on how to get the tones to show however is to wet your brush (we utilize the MAC Fix +) and dip it into the highlighter. This way, the brush will pick up more product and deposit it nicely on where you place it at, thus creating a more blinding highlight.

Lids : Mean Money, Hu$tla Baby | Highlight: Trophy Wife | Cheeks : Ginger Binge, Moscow Mule
Primer: Soft Matte | Foundation : Shade 301 

Now on overall, we can see that Rihanna gave this collection a lot of thought, and the effort that was put in to cater to all different types of women out there is certainly an amazing feat, especially when this was a exceptionally new brand launch. The global release was done on the same date in all countries and literally everyone could give a go at the line once it was out.


Thus out of the entire range of products, there are many that certainly have impressed, and hence right at the top as mentioned are our picks, so if you are looking to make a selection any time soon, you can always refer to it.

In the meantime, if you would like to know more about Fenty Beauty, you can certainly head on over to Sephora for further details. The brand ranges from RM70 to RM230 respectively, so check out their selection when you can.


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