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The Two Must Haves from Klairs

On the two star products

As mentioned over Instagram, two products from the Korean brand Klairs were trialed over the course of two weeks and finally today, we are going to sit down and discuss the effectiveness of what the duo can do.

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream
(RM136 | 30ml)

On the product

The first one up is the Midnight Blue Calming Cream, one that will be launching this month exclusively at Hermo online. Now I have seen this being trialed over at WishtrendTV and Hermo's event a couple of weeks back and there was just something about it that peaked my interest.

Of course the main pull here that first intrigued me was about its color, but other than that, it is a cream that provides a soothing feel to the skin and calms down any form of redness that appears on the face.


Now personally I love this product. It gave my skin back its bounce and also provided a very nice and natural glow to the face,especially after wearing it overnight. Plus if you mix it in with Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop below, you would get a more effective and boosted result, which would come in rather handy as well.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop
(RM128.30 | 35ml)

The Vitamin Drop

Now as mentioned above, I often use this Vitamin Drop to mix into my Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream to boost certain effects and benefits, but on its own the product is pretty much a star in itself. However keep in mind that the texture of this is highly concentrated as it is Pure Vitamin C and thus too much on the face might cause a little abrasiveness - so remember that a little goes a long way with this one.

The Applicator

It's applicator is in a form of a dropper so you can estimate the amount that goes into your serums and creams but I find that one drop or two does the job well. This product is found to decrease pigmentation and scars and on overall after usage, I am quite happy with it as it also have a nice brightening effect to it as well.

Both combined on the hand
Blended in

Nonetheless, both products must be used sparingly and it is always best to utilize them at night as your skin is more relaxed than during the day to absorb the textures in. Both are quick to penetrate into the skin and when combined, it does not form any stickiness after application too. In the meantime, you can check them at Hermo's Official Website as they have been made exclusively available there, but for further updates, you can check out Klairs Official Facebook Page as well for more information.


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