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Achieving the perfect Balayage Ombre and Signature Treatment with Shaun Hair Studio

The rustic feel inside Shaun Hair Studio

When I was younger, big dark locks was a distinctive feature of mine which I treated like the finest silk throughout my childhood years. It was the greatest possession that was an extension of who I was, so I conditioned it well, brushed it more than 100 times a day and provided it with the best hair care that I could.

As I grew older, I got accustom to color and was amazed at the variations that were trending online. Naturally once I finished college, I took myself to my family stylist, got my virgin roots colored and that was that.

Introducing Shaun Hair Studio

Capturing the indoor scene

Seeing that I have never looked back since, I have always found it hard to get my hair colored the way I wanted it to. I am pretty sure there are plenty of girls who can relate to this. You see, there were a lot of hairstylists that repeatedly affirmed to that one standard color back in the day (usually blonde) and dip dying, balayage and ombre was literally unheard of. So after a considerable amount of self debate I stayed away, letting the years pass and hoped that one day; that this trend would catch on and someone would be able to slowly perfect and sculpt this technique and present amazing results.

So hence fast forwarding the years, we were hit with the grand opening of Shaun Hair Studio. This place is heaven for those who have been on the lookout for that perfect color mixing technique and love trying on different shades; from colorful, pastel, ash, ombre, dip dye, balayage and more. Yes, you will finally able to try all those amazing hair colors and trends that you have seen on Pinterest.

The collective products used in the salon; the signature 5 step deep layering treatment

As many of you know, I have known Shaun for a considerable amount of time due to an enthusiastic introduction from my younger sister nearly two years back and ever since then he has never ceased to amaze me in his art of color, style and passion. Every step he takes in hair styling has care and precision and he is one of the best colorist I have come across in Malaysia in terms of creating that perfect balayage ombre.

Previous Hair Colors done by Shaun

As you can see in the pictures above, each shade and tone that I have done with Shaun is immensely different. Every technique used is breathtakingly beautiful, keeping to the tones of the hair's natural roots whilst gracefully gliding down a more vibrant hair color for that added spark of vibrancy.

Of course the after care is key too as to avoid dry strands, so using only the best of products, Shaun Hair Studio also prides itself on using Molto Bene hair-care that focuses on healthy and natural ingredients that keep every color and treatment locked in. Plus while the products have an underlying deep cleanse treatment as well, they will also tone the hair down to a smooth glossy finish that will last.

The Interior of Shaun Hair Studio

The Front Desk

With regards to the interior, Shaun Hair Studio reminds me of those chic studios back in Melbourne which is a wonderful combination of modern and rustic all in one full swing.

The studio is full of light and extremely spacious whilst in terms of decoration, the paneling on the walls are layered with thick red bricks. Featuring light R&B music, the place is also lit with ample of beautiful wall lamps; decorated side by side with small lush greenery and tall mirrors.

The VIP Room

For those who are looking for a space away from the public's eye, Shaun Hair Studio also has a VIP room available for those who are looking for a little more privacy during their treatments and hair coloring days. This two seater joint is extremely comfortable and cozy and has ample of space; without pulling in too much of curiosity at one go.

Hair Coloring, Treatment and Services

Summer Trends of Purple, Bright Red and Copper Balayage Ombre
A Closer Look

As all hair reflects hard work and care, Shaun and I decided to go for a Summer 2015 hair color on my strands; a warmer gradient that will work in three parts from dark, medium to light.

Starting from the top, we went with a dark purple; blending it to the black roots of my hair. Later we moved on to a gradient red and finally finishing it off with a bright copper color. Topped up with a signature treatment and a 2 step deep layered treatment, needless to say that the results looked marvelously enchanting.

Men Hair Cuts
Styling with Co-Founder and Creative Director Shaun

As for men there are no worries for the Summer trend is indeed here for you as well. To add a little something to your overall look, you guys will be having the option of wearing your fringes long or cutting it short this Summer 2015. As Shaun says, keeping things sleek and stylish with the Side Part Pompadour is definitely one to start with for it has made a seasonal comeback this Summer 2015.

Spring/Summer 2015 Men Hair Trends: Side Part Pompadour

For those who have soft hair, pulling the Side Part Pompadour may be a bit of a challenge so as always cut a little more layers, style it to the top; comb back with a hint of hair spray and add some mousse and you will be all done. Once again, thank you Shaun for this masterpiece.

The Price List

I have attached the price list above for easier reference just in case some of you are looking for something a little more specific when it comes to your hair. Shaun Hair Studio also has a Signature Treatment that is completely sublime, which will smooth out frizz, decrease split ends and condition the hair to an amazing soft and shiny finish. A little pampering goes a long way, so if you are looking for a treatment that would help assist your hair; keep a look out for that one in particular.

With Co-Founder and Creative Director Shaun 

In terms of locale, Shaun Hair Studio is located at Publika on the same floor as Red Bean Bag. So basically what you would need to do is head straight from the West Entrance to The Square; look to your right and take the escalator up. Turn left and Shaun Hair Studio will be right there.

Achieving Summer 2015 Hair Trends with Shaun Hair Studio

If you are unsure on what type of hairstyle or treatment you would want to be going for, it is best to contact Shaun for consultation at 012 245 6055. Just let him know that I have sent you and he will be glad to give you a good price and recommend whats best for you.

In the meantime, you can follow Shaun Hair Studio on Instagram at @shaunhairstudio and just in case, you can also locate the address at A4-1-2, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas Mont Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur.



  1. I've been seriously looking for salon that can do balayage! thanks for the info Shivani :)

    do drop by... GreenStory
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    1. Hey Tamanna, I am glad this has helped :) There are not many stylists that can do a really good balayage and Shaun is truly one of a kind who is amazing at this technique. Do let me know how the balayage goes and will look forward to seeing some awesome pictures soon :)

  2. OH dear, your hair looks great ! Love the color.. it's so vibrant... xoxo

    1. Thanks Sarah babe <3 Shaun did a wonderful job :D

  3. Thanks for the info!)
    You are so cute. Now i want to do omre too. looks so beautiful.
    With short haircut it'll be amazing, i think !))

    1. Anytime dear - I am glad this helped :) Short haircuts would be great ombre as well so do try it out ;)

  4. hi dear thank you for this helpful post! may i know how long did your hair color last>


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