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NARS Christopher Kane Neoneutrals Summer 2015 Collection Review

Wearing NARS Christopher Kane Summer 2015 Collection

As promised in my previous NARS post, we are going to take a look at some of the products from their latest Christopher Kane Neoneutrals Summer 2015 Collection.

I know that there have been a lot of people who have been eyeing this collection since its launch and since NARS blows me away every time; let's get a low down on their CK range and onto what to expect from their products.

NARS Christopher Kane Collection

The products from the Christopher Kane Collection

Getting a recap on what was mentioned in my previous post, the collection of NARS X Christopher Kane consists of 4 X Lipglosses2 X Eyeshadow Palettes, 2 X Blushes and 1 X Illuminating Multiple. However, their  Illuminating Multiple in Quantum which is included in the range is unfortunately not being made available here; so only nine products will be available for purchase in the Malaysian market.

Application to the lids

So beginning with NARS Parallel Universe Duo Eyeshadow; its iridescent shades of rose gold, pink lilac and violet pair each other off wonderfully and while this give a beautiful neutral shimmer effect; it also brightens the eyes and gives the user a wonderful dewy look without going too much over the top.

A Closer Look
The Swatch

Tucked into the NARS black and neon pink rubber packaging, the Christopher Kane Parallel Universe Duo Eyeshadow gives great color payoff and has a stunning pearly glow which will look beautiful on any skin tone.

However the one thing that is a little bit on the downside about these shadows is that they are extremely glittery, so if you are the type who enjoys applying eyeshadows to your fingertips before getting it on the lid; I would strongly suggest to get a good makeup remover to remove the excess from your hands, for all that shimmer will definitely get everywhere if you are not too careful.

Pros: Stunning shades, great texture, beautiful pearl finish

Cons: Extremely glittery, not that pigmented, hard to get the glitter off after cleansing

Price: RM128

NARS Christopher Kane Starscape Blush

Now let's move on to the most vibrant shade of the collection; the NARS Christopher Kane Starscape Blush. This shocking pink tone is definitely an eye-catcher and while this may intimidate some girls to work this onto the apples of their cheeks, it would look absolutely stunning if it is applied lightly on the skin to give it a gently soft flush.

The Swatch

Suited best to warm undertones; from tan to medium skin tones, there is not much need for too much product, so simply swirl your brush around the product, tap it lightly at the side to avoid too much pick up and brush it gently against your cheek in an upward side motion.

This is definitely one of the best picks out of the collection and while its texture blends onto the skin like magic, the color livens up the cheek quite a bit as well. It is the perfect summer blush and in my opinion, there is absolutely no downside to this product.

Pros: Stunning shade, gives a great flush, beautiful pigmentation, blends well into the skin

Cons: Nothing

Price: RM128

NARS Illuminating Multiple

Time to talk about our violets and the Illuminating Multiple is the one in the range that should be the most talked about. In the shade Violet Atom, the Illuminating Multiple comes in a stick form which pushes out the product in one simple turn. Some might find this a bit odd to apply but to be honest, this is pretty convenient to swatch and carry around with you wherever you go.

The Swatch

The cooling tones of Violet Atom gives a opalescent pearl finish to the skin which is perfect to use for a seasoned highlight. A little on the cheekbone goes a long way and it blends out well to a great finish.

As for the texture, it is a little lighter and has more of a consistency then the other multiples that I have encountered from NARS so in terms of blending the color into the cheekbones, the warmth of your finger would do the trick.

Pros: Smooth texture, pearly finish, great consistency, creamy finish

Cons: Gets a little messy on swatch around the edges

Price: RM154

NARS Christopher Kane Lipglosses

Moving on to the final two, we have the high shine shades of the NARS Christopher Kane Lipgloss and to a lippie user such as myself, these are the a dream.

In the shades of Mezmer and Glow Pink, some might find the colors not to be so user friendly but rest assured that even though the colors may look pigmented in their packaging, they go on beautifully sheer and natural on the lips.

The complete swatches

I have never really fancied lip glosses so when I said that these went on the lips like a dream, what I meant was that these lip glosses glided smoothly on the lips, did not pick up on the dry bits that were chapped, was not sticky and would leave color on the lips way after the high shine gloss was gone.

These factors mentioned are justifiable to the price point and for a good quality lip glosses such as these, these ones are definitely a good investment. The shine on these would probably last a good 3-4 hours, where else the stain would go on to 6 hours before another reapplication was needed. Out of the two, the Glow Pink was a definite favorite.

Pros: Good consistency, hydrating, not sticky, tinted colors and natural

Cons: None

Price: RM95

The Completed Look

Overall the Christopher Kane Collection from NARS is absolutely stunning and is one of the best which has launched from the brand itself. The above look is fully done up by the products stated in this post; with the exception of the foundation. So if you would like to find out more about the collection you can head over to NARS Official Website or to their Facebook Page for further details.


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