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UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment at Number76

Welcome to Number76

Number76 has been my go to place for my tresses for nearly a year now and it goes without saying that their stylists are amazing and truly dedicated to what they do. Their hair color services are prime and they are also very well known for their UltraSonic treatments as well.

Having dyed my hair at their Bangsar outlet a couple of months back, I was looking forward to care for my strands a little bit more, just to avoid any breakage or fall out.  So taking their UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment, I dropped by their branch at Publika and headed in for a consultation.

Inside Number76 Publika
The Products

You know till this very day, Number76 Publika blows me away every single time I walk through their doors, as their interior is a cozy balance of liveliness and sophistication. The warmth of their stylists and staff are an added bonus and their high ceilings and tall windows make the dark tone of wood look openly chic, with a hint of minimalism going on through the background.

The UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment

The Sonic Premium

So what is the UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment you wonder? Well simply put, it is a treatment that gives the hair comfort, improving its condition and lessening breakage at the same time. This treatment is actually an upgraded version from the UltraSonic Iron Hair Treatment with an added formulation of collagen powder for extra nourishment and softer hair.

The Treatment

For dry and damaged tresses that has gone through tons of chemical treatment before, this would be a good suggestion to treat any of those breaking ends. The results of the treatment is immediate and will soothe the hair for as long as two months

Using the Sonic Premium
Going through the hair

Now I won't bore you with all the specifics of how this process is done after the hair treatment has been combed in but to sum it up, the UltraSonic Iron that you see above separates the particle of protein, water and the oil that is in the hair treatment. It also resonates the cells within the hair at 37,000 beats per second and this helps to penetrate the treatment cream deeper into the hair.

What are the results?

No knots, Nourishment, Radiant Shine, Stronger and Smoother Texture, Softness and Healthier Hair

Rinsing the treatment out

Overall, this signature treatment is a comforting remedy to your tresses and seeing that it lasts for two months, its a good breakaway from all those knotted ends and rough textures. It has been over a month already since I had it done and the treatment is still going strong. So from my view, this would be a good hair service to invest in (once in every six months) for your crowning glory.

The Before and After

The UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment retails for RM370 and as you can see above, my hair definitely looks more healthier, shinier and ready to go. Plus as said, it has already been a month, and the texture of my tresses is still very smooth, not frizzed up and knotted.

With my stylist Fung at Number76
The Prices

Of course major credits for this treatment and do goes to my stylist Fung, so remember if you do make a visit to Number76 in Publika, do look out for him. He is extremely friendly and takes care in explaining the process well. I have also listed down the prices for all the treatments, cut and color in the picture above so if you would like make an appointment, this would be an easier reference too.

In the meantime for more details, you can follow Number76 on their Facebook Page as well.



  1. Wish i could try this out for myself! I've heard so many good things about this treatment


    1. The treatment is great Gillian - especially for those who need help for unhealthy and frizzy hair. Ask the stylist for their opinion on it though - if they find your strands too dry; best to go for the premium, but if it is doing alright; you can always opt for their usual one :)

  2. Wow! This treatment looks really good! I've tried a similar treatment with a Kerastase product and it's really good too. I've not been to any of the 76 salons but I've definitely heard some good comments about them. I should drop by soon. Thank you for the recommendation =)


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