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HairPro Heat Active Haircare Launch

The HairPro Heat Active Haircare Collection

You glance at your hair; all damaged, dry and unruly. One look at that horrible frizz from all those massive splits from end to root and you feel utterly disgusted. Shampoo doesn't seem to do it, conditioning leaves the strands oily and chalked, so what else can you do to help with these horrible conditions?

At the launch

Okay girls, the one thing we have learnt about these factors is that all hair problems start from the scalp. Hair fall is caused by lack of natural oils needed for the hair and dandruff is caused by excessive dead skin cells and dry flakes. However those horrible splits ends are a different matter all together as they are due to all that additional grooming and heating tools that we use to style our hair.

Introducing the Haircare Range

Now usually there is no hair care that to pamper exclusively to our tresses after a long day of styling but right now a new range is in town  and it is called HairPro Heat Active. This collection is available exclusively at Watsons and is also used at Number76 Salons.

Formulated with a Heat Active Technology and infused with NanoRepair EL, the Hair Pro Heat Active range is specially designed for hair that is constantly subjected to heat (for those who are using hair dryers, curling and straightening irons, yes I am looking at you).

Styling after the use of Hairpro Heat Active 
Introducing the products from Hairpro

Co-developed with Moltobene, which is one of the largest Japanese salon product manufacturer with 38 years of experience tucked under their belt, the HairPro Heat Active is one range that when activated with heat, the NanoReapair EL will penetrate deep into each hair strand to provide damage care from within.

So basically, instead of causing major damage to your crowning glory, the heat from these tools will actually deliver goodness to your hair; all shiny and glossy-like, thanks to the formulation from the HairPro Heat Active range.

Thoughts on the range

Plus if you are wondering if these are silicon based products, worry no more for all the HairPro products are enhanced with a non-silicone formula to promote effective absorption of oxygen for the scalp. This is a huge plus point on my end as I have been trying my best to stay away from silicon-based hair products as they are known for causing issues of hair loss and itchy scalps.

The HairPro Heat Active Haircare range has four products in total and for better reference, I have listed them all down below together with the price listing as well. For more information, kindly visit Watsons Official Facebook Page and their Website for more details.

Product Listings:

HairPro by Watsons Heat Active Shampoo (Daily Use) : RM39.90 for 520ml
HairPro by Watsons Heat Active Treatment (Daily Use) : RM39.90 for 520ml
HairPro by Watsons Heat Active Hair Mask (Special Use) : RM42.90 for 200ml
HairPro by Watsons Heat Active Hair Serum (Daily Use) : RM42.90 for 100ml


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