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Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush and Revolution High Color Lip Gloss Review

Urban Decay Summer 2015

If you have been making your usual rounds at Sephora or scouring the news online at Urban Decay, you would know that our favorite American cosmetic brand has come up with two new products for their Summer 2015 Collection; which is their Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush and their Revolution High Color Lip Gloss.

These products have been having some major online hype ever since its launch and knowing full well that Urban Decay often sticks with soft and neutral shades, these new products pack in quite a colorful punch; bursting with vibrant tones which is simply perfect for Summer wear.

Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lip Gloss

The two shades from Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lip Gloss

So the first two products that I have here to show you is the Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lip Gloss.The one on the left is in the shade Vice whist the one on the right is in the color 69. These babies are said to be intense with beautiful high coverage and ultra pigmented formulation that lays down the exact color that you see in that stunning packaging all in one coat.

Well color me intrigued.

The applicator

Now as classy and slim as the packaging is; I didn't care too much for the applicator. Unlike the usual soft bendable ones that I am used to, this one was a little on the firm side; hence not leaving much to be desired when it came to applying the product evenly onto the lip. It does get to the corners of your lips well though so I guess that would be a plus point.

Nonetheless in terms of formulation, the colors are definitely intense however you would need to pack on a few layers until you get to the intensity that you would want. The shades of the High Color Lip Glosses are stunning mind you but the only thing about these are that they are a little streaky and would be best applied on top of a lipstick shade instead of just the layers alone. The colors do pucker up the lips, giving them a much fuller and hydrated look but due to the high intensity gloss on them, these shades are easily transferable so do be careful not to put on too much before heading out because it will definitely go on to your drinking cups, spoons and such.

There are redeeming qualities to this lip gloss range as they do not dry out your lips, and one thing that is absolutely great; especially for those with dry or chapped lips is that they are not sticky at all. Plus even after all the shine and gloss is gone, the color of the shade will still remain with you throughout the day.

Pros: Pigmented, hydrating, color remains and not sticky

Cons: Does not apply evenly, streaky and color is transferable

Price: RM85

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush

Now onto the products that I was most excited about; the Afterflow 8 Hour Powder Blushers! This is the first time that Urban Decay has come up with single panned blushers such as these and boy are some of these shades unique. There are 12 colors all together however in Malaysia we only have our hands on 10. Nonetheless, the shades go from neutrals to bright tones so they are very versatile upon use and are suitable to any skin-tone.

The ones that I have here in my hand is the one in Bang and the other in Quickie. Don't mind the names though, I am pretty sure Urban Decay was being quirky in terms of that but oh my these colors are beyond pigmented and are stunning beyond belief. The texture is reminiscent of their velvety eyeshadows and whilst the two shades that I have are in matte, there are a few in a silky finish and and in glitter as well.

The Swatches

As can be seen from the swatch, the shades go on very evenly and when buffed out they go on even more smoothly somewhat like the blushers that are made from cream texture. The shade Quickie reminds me a lot of NARS Starscape that was previously swatched, and while both blushers are similar, the one in Quickie is a tad bit lighter and goes on the cheek like a natural flush.

The one in Bang however is a great red-orange matte shade which is a perfect fit for Summer as it is extremely wearable and gives that great warmth to your face. I don't think I can stress more about the texture than I already have because to sum it up, both quality and color is amazing.

Pros: Magnetic clasp, pigmented, velvety formulation, buffs out well, great range of color

Cons: No mirror on the packaging

Price: RM98

Urban Decay has definitely come up with an unique shade range this time round for their Lip-glosses and Powder Blushers and I am definitely looking forward to hearing more things from them. I hear from the grapevine that there will be a new palette coming out soon from the Naked series called 'Smoky' so that is definitely one we should be keeping a look out for soon.

In the meantime, for more details about the 8 Hour Powder Blushers and the Revolution High Color Lip-glosses, you can head on to Urban Decay's Facebook Page for further information. There were also eyeshadows that were launched together with the blushers and lip-glosses too, so no worries, you can take a look at them over there as well.


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