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Peripera Peri Lip Tint Water Ink Review and Kpop Themed Party

The Introduction to Peri Lip Tint Water Ink

Peripera Peri Lip Tint Water Ink has finally been introduced in Malaysia and my oh my aren't they beyond adorable. This little lip ink comes packaged in a little dropper styled bottle that includes a smooth sponge applicator; and while I do believe they are available in five shades in Korea; there were only three that were launched here in Malaysia.

During the Grand Lucky Draw

Celebrating the night out with the brand at Peri's Ink Party, the event was filled with a stunning runway product showcase by Asia Muse Search 2015 contestants, a makeup booth, a grand lucky draw, product sampling, a nail bar and more.

The three shades

Nonetheless going back to the product; the Peripera Peri Lip Tint Water Ink is a long wearing lip gloss that gibes a vibrant shade to the lips. The colors are definitely intense; but what is more interesting is that the colors go on matte upon first application and upon the second layer; it becomes gloss. Pretty amazing right?


However before we start cheering this fact on about how we can customize the color build up, here is a little bit more about the texture of the Peripera Peri Lip Tint Water Ink. Basically the formula upon application is thin and hydrating upon the first application; however upon trying it out; it does take several minutes for the product to dry to a matte finish.

Nonetheless, what is being said above was just based on one coat of the Peripera Peri Lip Tint Water Ink. As for layering on a second coat; it would take a good two to five minutes to dry into a glossy finish but I find that the texture would be a bit on the drier side upon wear.

Group Shot

I do enjoy that I get about four to five hours of intense wear on the Peri Lip Tint Water Ink though and even once the color does fade a little bit; there would still be a slight stain on the lips to keep it wearable throughout the day.

Overall, for the price of RM39.10 for a 9.3g bottle, I think the product is a great long-wear tint but due to its drying finish; I might not be in favor of trying out the other colors in its range. However for more information on the product you can head on to Peripera's Official Facebook Page.


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