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Bourjois Air MAT 24 Hour Wear Foundation

The Bourjois Air MAT 24 Hour Wear Foundation

This review has since been pending over the weekend and I honestly wished that I had written about this so much more sooner for you guys, because this is an all-time love. I honestly didn’t expect to like this Bourjois Air MAT so much as it is a mattifying foundation but to my surprise, the formulation, application and the long wear of this was completely on point and totally blew me away.

On the packaging

However in terms of packaging, it is very simple, so think of it as liquid gold in a bottle. Or at the very least that is what I enjoy calling it. Sleek and travel friendly, this 30ml bottle holds a very lightweight formulation within. It is nothing too runny but has a very soft yet blendable texture that applies evenly on the skin.

Now due to having dry skin, I am prone to imperfections and the one thing that I was really worried about in terms of matte foundations is that the consistency often cling to them, thus bringing out the flakes and spots a little more. I have had this experience time and time again and it is honestly not the best look that I enjoy having.


However in terms of the Air MAT Foundation, I found the texture to be the complete opposite of what I was expecting which was very light, and depending on what you use to blend out the foundation you can either get an air brushed finish or a very even coverage.

Now you would not need much for the entire face and I really like using the beauty blender to blend this out evenly. It covers the red areas on the face wonderfully, gives a really nice coverage and even though it is nothing over the top, it sets into a matte powdery finish which is great, as you can kind of opt out from using a finishing powder to complete your look as well.

It's 24 Hour Long Wear Hold

However in terms of the 24 hour long wear capabilities, I can't be entire sure about that because no one wears makeup for that long to be honest but I will say that in terms of the foundation lasting throughout the day, it is a complete yes from me.

On its results

Overall I really have been enjoying using this Air MAT Foundation from Bourjois and I think that it is absolutely brilliant. They do have 8 colors which gives us a great variety of pink and yellow undertones but as the shade that I am having is in 02 Vanilla which is about 2 shades lighter than my natural skin-tone, I would sometimes mix it in with my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer to get the ideal shade that I would want.

In the meantime, the Bourjois Air MAT retails at RM54.90 for 30ml and is available at Sunway Pyramid's Kiosk and selected Watsons stores. I am truly excited for this one you guys so for further details you can kindly head on over to Bourjois Facebook Page. If you guys have tried this out on your end, do let me know what you think but in the meantime, this is a definite repurchase from me.



  1. i always love lightweight texture with even coverage! btw i notice your manicure, it's so beautiful!

  2. this is new, I dont know of this until read here. I have few foundation not yet finish using.

  3. My cream just finished and I am looking for a new one.
    Love to try this long lasting foundation. Don't wish to put on make up over and over again. It' tedious and time consuming.

  4. This looks like a wonderful product. I would gladly get hold of it to try it myself!

  5. Looks pretty... I am learning to use foundation to cover up my flaws and this might be the next use...

  6. Never judge a book by its cover they say. Until you explained about it here, I always thought of it as a lesser quality foundation. Now I know which foundation I should use on my dancers with imperfect complexion. Thanks

  7. Love it! I also love to use their lipstick too!

  8. Wow this is really afforable. Will try it after finish my current foundation. :)

  9. i always love light weight foundation, plus with air brush finished? must be worth it to buy. btw, love ur nail art :)

  10. Great review.. The product looks good!~ Like it!

  11. Bourjois is a good and affordable brand. Will be good if they have more shades though but in that absence, I guess a little mix and blend like what you are doing is feasible.

  12. Always read a review about bourjois but never had a chance to try it..i should go to watsons more after this..hehe

  13. wow! this is so good to use for the 24hrs well wear though :) would love to try it
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing


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