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The Body Shop Christmas 2015 Collection

The Body Shop Christmas Collection 2015

Every year when The Body Shop introduces their holiday season sets, it is anticipated that much is to be expected from the lot. This year of course begins with seasonal gifting and part of it goes hand in hand with the international charity called WaterAid.

Now I know that a lot of you guys would probably want to scroll down and see the sets as fast as you can but as it is the season of gifting, we should learn a little more about the charity that The Body Shop is partnering with this year and how you will be able to help such a cause with every purchase that you do make with The Body Shop this Christmas for your loved ones.

On the charities being partnered with

So to start of with, I am pretty sure we all know how important clean water is to us. Even in Malaysia we are constantly seeking it, and after many disruptions and filtration that is going on on our end, we are still blessed to be able to provide for our families with clean fluids at the end of the day.

Save lives by having clean water

However stretching over the millions that do not have access to safe water and are exposed to the diseases and sickness caused by contaminated water and poor sanitation, WaterAid provides them with the necessary balance and with a specially thoughtful gift bought from The Body Shop for your friends and family this Christmas, WaterAid would be able to provide a family in Ethiopia with one full day of safe water.

MyCat Calendars

Now on a separate note, I should also mention that The Body Shop also donated to the Malaysian Aids Foundations and MyCat as well through sales and throughout this duration, the awareness raised for both charities has been tremendous.

If you have bought items from The Body Shop before, I am pretty sure you would have seen their eco-friendly bags with the tiger picture on it. They do have more prints such as T-Shirts, calendars and key chains but in support of MyCat you can also be a volunteer with them or even go on nature walks to educate the public on the Malayan tigers.

The Christmas Collection 2015

The Frosted Plum Set

With that aside, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read through the amazing charities, but for now it is the time for the Christmas 2015 Collection to take place. The gift sets this year is superbly gorgeous and as you probably know, most of the packaging is made out of recycled materials.

Two limited edition sets have also made its way to the platform, racking up the price range from RM700 - RM800, but before we get into the specifics, let's take a look at the photographs first.

On the signature scents this Christmas
Glazed Apple

Pointing out my seasonal favorite which is the glazed apple, the latest scent this Christmas season is the Frosted Plum made from the extracts of plum, magnolia and peony. This fruity floral scent is one of a kind and let me tell you, the notes for these are amazing. You can get these as wonderful gifting sets like what you see above in stores or you can even purchase them individually if you would like.

The Limited Edition Sets
Spa Of The World

Now let's take a look at the limited editions. From the 24 Happy Day Advent Calendar Deluxe to the Spa Of The World Luxury Set, they are both very limited units that are available in stores. However as both are on the higher end of the scale, each of them tips respectively at RM879 for the calendar and RM700 for the Spa Of The World. So definitely more of a luxury gift set indeed for this holiday season.

Cute holiday crackers (RM39.00) and tin sets
Anyone up for a little lolly treat?

In terms of perfumes we have the new Black Musk fragrance that exudes this mysterious teasing scent for the more powerful, strong women.

The three key notes for this is black vanilla, licorice and bambinella pear which makes up this stunning perfume and what I loved about this was its musky scent. Believe it or not I am not much of a sweet floral kind of girl but I do love a deepening scent which amplifies character.

The Italian Summer Fig Gift Set - RM195
Men Gift Sets

However for that special man in your life, you also have something special that is costed in a tin. I am a huge fan of the Modern Gent's Activist Fragrance Kit which retails at RM289. Partly because my husband actually uses that perfume a lot on its own.

Nonetheless, the one thing that I really do enjoy about The Body Shop is that they always come out with such great variety of gift sets every single year and no matter the budget, you will definitely find something that would fit perfectly for your loved ones. With tons of scents ranging from mango, strawberry, satsuma and more, I can grantee you that you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Overall giftings

Currently the Official Website for The Body Shop is having a 10% discount on all their holiday sets so for a more affordable rate you can always check there, but if you would want to take a look at their limited edition units, you would certainly need to look them up in the stores.

There is also an awesome winter makeup collection and limited edition shimmering nail polishes that is currently available but they are only going to be around throughout the month of November and December until stocks run out. However if you would like to know more details you can always head over to The Body Shop's Facebook Page for further information.



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