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Joico 40th Anniversary Hair Show X The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Joico's 40th Anniversary

Earlier last month Joico celebrates its 40th anniversary with a brand new campaign that was set up as a spectacular hair show at Zouk KL. Many hairstyles were showcased but if you had seen the previous teaser posts that was done on Facebook and Instagram, you would know that the biggest attraction of the night was none other than Joico's International Guest Artistes; Cherry Petenbrink and Chad Demchuk.

The latest products by Joico

As we sat down yesterday to enjoy the private preview screening of The Hunger Games (which you will know the connection in a second) we tried out their latest Hair Shake Finishing Texturizing Spray which as you know launched during the day of Joico's 40th anniversary.

On hair colors
The products and hair trends

The texture made the hair embrace great volume and though throughout the works, the best results that we saw were still during Joico's anniversary. Thus to  further understanding the latest hair trends and the new product introductions by Joico during the anniversary, we give you a display on what went down last month and of the vibrant colors that were seen to bring forth the joy of healthy and beautiful hair.

Chad's Model: 

  • Ash shade of brown and blonde (Wearable)
  • Infused with the prism concept by giving it streaks of other ash colors to give more volume and dimension.

Cherry's Model:
  • A beautiful mix of purple and violet shades.
  • Pairing the prism coloring technique and ombre.
  • Roots started with natural brown, followed by a dark shade of purple and phasing to a light violet shade.
  • Curled for more volume, texture and dimension.

Joico's 40th Anniversay Hair Show

The three key items
Joico's Artistic Ambassador, Rick Lee

Joico 's 40th Anniversary transformed the entire vibe at Zouk into something rather beautiful yet hauntingly mysterious. First up was the Hair Shake Flashmob which entertained the guests with its catchy tunes and was slowly followed up by Joico's Artistic Ambassador, Rick Lee who showcased his platform on Prism which had streaks of vibrant colors.

Chad Demchuk on the LA Party Looks
The vibrancy of shades showcased by Cherry Petenbrink
The hairstyles

Next up was none other than Chad Demchuk who is one of Joico's International Guest Artist that portrayed his style with a rather vibrant and colorful Los Angeles party look. Right down from the hairstyles to the dressings, everything was on point and despite the bold, vibrant colors, the styles were pretty much feasible for daily wear with just enough edge to follow up with the ongoing trends.

The Avant-Garde theme
On the runway

For its closing, Joico of course brought on its A-game, treating us with Cherry's Petenbrink's stunning and powerful styles of her Fantasy Avant-Garde theme. Inspired by powerful elements such as lightening, thunder and energy, this was a complete runway collection that was very close to what was showcased during Hollywood's Blockbuster Movie, The Hunger Games.

The entire showcase

However as you might have guessed as much, Cherry Petenbrink is actually the lead color consultant who did all the amazing hairstyles that you see from the film, The Hunger Games (now do you see the connection?) She also worked on the Avengers, styling the cast and many more. So hence the fantasy sophistication and hauntingly stunning hair fashion collection by Cherry was a definite wow factor all around.

On the overall showcase

Overall the event was a great success but now what about the movie? Seeing that The Mockingjay Part 2 has just been released today, of course we will not be giving away any secrets, However for our part, the movie was to say the least very interesting to watch so do book your tickets or win them (details below) and have fun watching the story unfold. As for further details on Joico, you can check out our their Official Facebook Page for more information.

Bonus Giveaway by Joico

10 pairs of tickets up for grabs exclusively for you to watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 from the 19th November onwards.

Click HERE and answer 2 simple questions (answers are in this feature) and you will be on your way to this wonderful screening. Good luck!



  1. Happy 40th Anniversary to Joico! Nice hair makeover! especially the beautiful mix of purple and violet! <3

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