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Hits & Misses - 3CE

Stylendanda's Park Sora officiating the launch

With Korean makeup on the rise, it is really not surprising to see the hype and demand being brought into Sephora Malaysia. With 3CE's launch and it's brand ambassador Stylenanda's Park Sora officiating it about a month back, the crowd was immense and feedback on the brand was simply overwhelming.

However since I was in Japan at the time and could not take a look at the products first hand, I made my way to Sephora during the week that I returned and tried a couple of things to get some perspective. Photos here nonetheless will be based on the launch itself but rest assured that in terms of review purposes, I will be giving a few products from 3CE a fair share of its brand highlights.

On its lip lacquer and lip marker

So to begin with let's start off with the lip lacquers and lip markers from 3CE. Let me just say right off the bat when I swatched the lip lacquers, I was not completely taken with this like all the other rave reviews out there. Application wise, the shades are best blended in with the fingers to create a soft gradient look but other than that I find that when you use the applicator it becomes too streaky on its own. Plus I feel like the texture of this layers to more of a dry matte finish though surprisingly, it does not really last when you have oily food. You do get a decent amount of product with this but for RM69, I would preferably go and top it up and get something that would work a little more better for me instead.

The lip markers on the other hand are a dream. They are highly pigmented, has great color payoff and it is non-transferable. It is not as drying like how I found the lip lacquer to be and for RM53, it is definitely a range that I would opt for. So thumbs up for this one.

The matte lip crayons

Now as for the 3CE Matte Lip Crayon. Well, it is plain enough to see that the range is vast and the colors are gorgeous. It definitely appeals to a wider demographic and the shades here are super pigmented. 3CE definitely gave its best in terms of the formulation and the combination of their warm and cool tones on this one. Plus with the 10 shades available in Sephora, I would say that for the price of RM53 as well, it is pretty decent.

The Creamy Cheek Stick

Moving on to the Creamy Cheek Stick, I have to say that I am rather on the fence on this one. Retailing at RM88, the shades are quite limited as you can see and while 3CE has kept to the concept of a light and natural finish, the colors do not seem to last quite that long on the face. On my end, I do love the fact that it is not shimmery and nothing too over the top but there is something about the texture that had me sit back and take a second look at it.

The concept is truly is very close to the NARS multiples but I can't seem to put my finger to its formulation. You see it is matte when it goes on but after a few hours or so the color will blend down and will create somewhat of a dewy shine to the apples of your cheeks. So its like the shades are still there but in a rather shiny-dewy form. So for me, I am not entirely sure how to put this. You can give it a go if you are curious though.

From Left: Triple Eyeshadow and Duo Color Face Blush

So let's move on to the Duo Color Face Blush. First and foremost, ugh too pretty! Shades are surprisingly pigmented though sadly it was a little chalky when applied on. However it is a pretty easy consistency to blend out and as there is two shades, you can always opt to do to either one or swirl them together to get another shade all together. Priced at RM88 each, a personal favorite here is the one in Peach Crush.

As for the last one which is the Triple Eyeshadow, let's me just say my goodness it is shiny. I mean, this is really shimmer overload. Now I am not saying that this is a bad thing but combination wise for a trio eyeshadow, there should be one matte color at the very least to balance the entire combination. Nonetheless formulation is pretty good, surprisingly not much fall out but without a good solid primer, these will not last long especially if you have oily lids. Price point though is at RM76 so if your preference doesn't mind the shimmer, then it is right up your alley.

Available at Sephora outlets nationwide

Overall 3CE products are pretty much a hit and miss for me. It's a little something like you will be able to find gems in the lot that works for you but at the same time if you do not swatch or even try them out, there would be a risk of the product not working the best for you. So in a way I do believe that it works based on preferences.

Anyway I hope that this review has helped you guys and if you have tried some of the products out then do let me know your feedback. All picture credits go to Sunshine Kelly and of course for more details you can always head on to the Sephora's Official Website and Facebook Page for further information.



  1. I always love their lip crayon because of the high pigmentation.. ah, too pretty that I wish to own all the shades!

  2. I've tried 3CE products before and yes I agree some of their lip products are really drying although the pigmentation is super amazing! Always have to use a light hand when applying especially the blusher!

  3. Thanks for your sharing. I loveeee everything from 3CE. It does save my butt for being looking more pretty (for me la).

  4. Love the 3CE products I have and yeah, I do agree the lip products are a little drying, so I normally use some lip balm before....

  5. jealous la, i am follower of Sora =(

  6. I like the 3CE lip crayon also, its smooth and pigmented.

  7. Very nice and juicy lip colours :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  8. Last time I am huge fan of 3CE! Although now I still shop and look for their make up products too, now can get it Sephora so convenient! hehe

  9. never tried b4..thanks for sharing..nice info :)

  10. another nice and very thorough review from you. A lot of effort has been put in. Thanks for sharing.

  11. omg so many different colours. I want to try it all!

  12. 3CE!!! I have not had the opportunity to try any yet, but I believe it won't be long :D


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