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The Body Shop Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation

The Body Shop Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation

It seems to me that compact foundations are slowly taking the world by storm and although I think I have mentioned this statement more than just a couple of times but it seems to ring true for everywhere I look, more and more brands seem to be coming out with more compact, easy to use, foundations.

The packaging

After all when you think about it, all in one is always the best bet as it saves time, it keeps up with our hectic routines and best yet it is very travel friendly. Now even though I know I have spoken a lot about the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to compact foundations but this time around, let's go with something a little bit more affordable so hence I would like to highlight  this Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation by The Body Shop.

The unveil

Now I remember back in the day when I didn't have a lot of purchasing power when it came to buying makeup so what I used to do is that whenever I saved up, I would go down to The Body Shop and make a selection of the essentials. Usually that would include a simple pressed powder and till this day, I can still remember my favorite which was the Body Shop Pressed Powder in shade 04.

That little compact of heaven served me well into my 20s but to be honest with all the new emerging brands that have been coming out, we seem to forget how good The Body Shop's makeup range actually is. So when trying out this new Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation, let's just say its time to be awed.

The double ended sponge

So to begin with, The Body Shop Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation has the basics, which is the simple white shell like casing, a double sided sponge which makes for easier application and of course the foundation within. Now I have with me the shade in 04, which surprisingly compliments my skin tone rather well and when I say surprise, you have to keep in mind that this is after all a moisture white bright compact. So I was expecting a really fair shade on my end.

That highlighter strip in the corner though

Now when you look inside however, you will see a dual tone which is rather different from the other compact foundations out there. We are used to cushions yes but this is a pressed one that seems to come with a highlighter within which to me, I was already sold. I mean after all, a two in one? Of course I will say yes to that.

However this can go both ways, you can mix the ratio 50:50 or if you would like to opt a little more for the foundation and go maybe 70:30, but from experience I find that the coverage would still remain pretty much the same. I honestly didn't see much difference there but in terms of giving a flawless finish from all angles, I would have to say that in a way, this was spot on. Plus this compact also has an SPF 25 PA+++ which was an excellent bonus on my end.

A closer look

Nonetheless, there were cons too. Even though the coverage was great and smooth, I still found that it was unable to cover up the imperfections the way how I would have wanted it. So I still had to go in with my concealer on this one but in terms of the redness it did level it out.

Noticeably after a while (give or take 4 hours) you would still need to do touch up for there would be slight shine on the high points of the face but other than that I honestly don't have much complaints.

Application and Coverage

Overall I think this is a great foundation for those of you who are starting out in makeup and need a quick finish to your overall look. The price stands at RM138 which is slightly higher than your average Body Shop products but I think if you are looking for an all in one compact, this one definitely justifies.

There are 5 shades to this available in Malaysia so I will link up the website here but just in case you would need more information, you can always go to The Body Shop's Facebook Page for further details.



  1. no try this yet, shall check out bodyshop soon. :D
    5 shades, thats great my friends also looking for shade that suit

  2. Wow, I am stoked reading your positive review. I am now undecided which one I really should get. Budget is only so much....hahaha!

  3. The coverage is smooth and good. I am looking compact foundation recently. Maybe i should give this a try?

  4. I usually use their body care products. I don't really try out their makeup or skincare that much.

  5. This compact foundation looks pretty good..Might just go look into it when getting my refill next time...

  6. The convenience of duotone is good. Less to carry in a bag especially when one needs to do touch ups.

  7. The photo are beautifully taken! I should grab one for myself after read your post. =)

  8. The finishing look good...coverage also good..should check the store and give it a try..hope it have in my shade... :)

  9. I like this brand for its quality, would like to try out their compact foundation too :)

  10. Looks like a product i should give a try... Thanks for sharing ya..


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