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Trippin’ it up in Pattaya, Thailand with Air Asia

Collaborator's Post | Pattaya Thailand

On the stay at Pattaya, Thailand

Travelling is something I have always enjoyed, and recently I was offered the lovely opportunity to travel to Pattaya, Thailand under Pen My Blog, and it was an astounding experience, with many sights to see. Air Asia travels 4 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) to and fro Pattaya, so do check out their offerings via

For now, let me tell you guys all about the fun hotspots to visit, along with picks of local food & historical attractions.  I visited Pattaya only for 3 days & 2 nights, but it was a fun filled weekend, so stay tuned and continue reading.

The Courtyard Marriot South Pattaya ☆☆☆
(Rates: RM250 ++)

The hotel where we were staying at for three days
Room View

First of all, let me tell you all about the hotel room where I was staying in. The hotel room was very welcoming, with a fluffy bed awaiting, and a beautiful panoramic view of the Pattaya city to boot. The room comes equipped with everything you could need, and may I also say, the bathroom is absolutely divine! The hotel isn’t very large, with only 6 floors, however, it offers all the comfort & convenience one could possibly need.

Momo Cafe in The Courtyard, Pattaya

The hotel is located right in the middle of Pattaya city, and is only a mere 10 mins walk to the infamous Walking Street. The hotel also offers facilities such as a gym, swimming pools (on the ground floor) & I believe there are also business & conference rooms available to suit those of you with business needs.

Fried Sunflower seeds and orchids

One can also enjoy breakfast, lunch & dinner at the Momo Café, which is located on the ground floor of the hotel. I must say that Momo Café certainly has a great chef, as during my stay there, the food was utterly scrumptious.

The Walking Street
(South Pattaya)

The Walking Street

To explore the culture of Pattaya, we started our adventure with The Walking Street. This is where most of the nightlife action geared towards tourists is found in South Pattaya, with the densest concentration of bars, Go-Go bars, massage parlours and discos along the famous neon-drenched road.

Unique and boisterous, it's shut off to traffic during the evening, with entertaining shows, bar games, competing stereos and lots of alcoholic beverages, all combining forces to make one huge party zone.  If you needed a great night of partying, this is certainly one place you should be heading to.

The Sanctuary of Truth
Entrance Fee: 450 THB

The view of The Sanctuary of Truth

The next day we headed to the Sanctuary of Truth, which is a temple construction in Pattaya,Thailand. The sanctuary is an all-wood building filled with sculptures based on traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs. The top of the building is 105 meters high and features contemporary visionary art based on traditional religious themes.

The project was initiated as an idea of Thai businessman Lek Viriyaphant in 1981, and is scheduled to be complete in 2050. The style of the sanctuary evokes Khmer architecture, displaying hand-carved wooden sculptures indicative of the imperial setting at Angkor.

One of a kind sculptures

I was utterly amazed by the construction of the Sanctuary of Truth, as the whole building was made of wood, with zero nails or screws! Not to mention the sculptures that adorn the building were so intricately designed & carved, that one does wonder how many years it took to complete this beast of a structure.  

Apart from visiting the structure, other fun activities are available here, for example horseback riding, elephant rides, as well as boat tours along the lake. There is also a dance performance daily at 11.30 am, so for those of you who do enjoy traditional & classical dances, so stop by.

The Glasshouse Restaurant
Sattahip, Chon Buri (Rates : THB 300++)

The beach view of The Glass House Restaurant

After all that exploring, a good meal to fill up our hungry tummies was a must. We headed to The Glass House Beachfront restaurant and bar which is one of most romantic places not far from Pattaya City. This restaurant and bar is so famous that both Thai and foreign customers come here.

On the variety given

There is a variety of food choices available in the restaurant, Thai and international food, desserts, a range of alcohol. Although do note that the price is higher than standard prices in Thailand as mentioned above. The food offered was amazing, with a mixture of flavours, and all this while being serenaded by the ocean waves & breeze. 

The beach setting provided a great view, and sitting by the beach while having lunch was really fun! This is an utterly romantic dining location, and I highly recommend you lovebirds to drop by for a romantic dinner.

Cartoon Network Amazone
Entrance Fee: 1590 THB

The Night View of the Cartoon Network Amazone
CN's shows for entertainment

Post filling up our tummys, we decided to head to the Cartoon Network Amazone, which  is the world's first Cartoon Network-themed waterpark. Here one can splash out with all of your favorite Cartoon Network friends, including Ben 10 and his aliens, Adventure Time's Finn and Jake, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and many more.

When lighted up
Spot Dexter and Dee Dee

There are 10 themed zones catered to suit the preferred experience of every guest. (Suitable for-insert the ideal target market; families, children, tourists).Cartoon Network Amazone is located on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard, just a 20-minute drive from Pattaya City.

Thepprasit Weekend Night Market
(Thepprasit, South Pattaya)

Shopping Anyone?

This night market seems to be the largest night market at Pattaya. It is also famous because of cheap products available in the market.Common products available at Thepprasit Night Market are style clothes, handbags, trendy watches, cool sneakers, home-decorating items, and so on. IT and Pet Sections are alternative options available there. IT Section offers new and secondhand mobile phones, mp3 players, and other gadgets, whereas in Pet Section you can find dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, and several more.

A large food court there is also interesting since a variety of delicious dishes, desserts, and fruits are provided to support a crowd visiting there. Apart from a range of products, this night market sometimes offers activity to enjoy visitors, such as Thai Traditional Music Contest, and different kinds of shows. The market is on only for 3 nights, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 17.00 to 23.00. However, the peak time is from 19.00 to 21.00, and although the market is off at 23.00, shop owners start packing at 22.00, so head on early if you plan to shop till you drop.

Teddy Bear Museum
(Entrance Fee:  Adult 500 Baht, Children 300 Baht)

Teddy says hello!

The next day, after a filling breakfast and some well needed rest, we headed to the Teddy Bear Museum, located 10 minutes away from the Pattaya City. 

There is also the first and only teddy bear museum Southeast Asia which is  located on an area over 2,500 square meters and is divided into 12 zones as follows.  Children & Adults both flock to the Teddy Bear museum on a daily basis, and it is estimated at least a few thousand visitors come by daily.

The display at The Teddy Bear Museum
Anyone up for a swim?
The Teddy Bear Museum features:

  • Inca Zone, Dinosaur Zone and Fossil Zone
  • Africa Zone, Thailand Zone and Under the sea Zone
  • Eskimo Zone, Santa town Zone and Space Zone
  • Fairytale Zone, China Zone and Europe Zone

The stunning set ups

The Teddy Bear Museum is open from 09.00 am. to 22:00 pm. and closed at 20.30 pm, so if you plan to visit, please head on earlier as the crowds can get quite wild.

Each Saturday & Sunday, the museum will have a show of dance led by Captain Teddy Bear and Friends with dancers at 02.00pm, 03:00pm, & 04:00 pm. in the Fairytale Zone. Those of you who enjoy Teddy Bear dances should stop to watch, because I heard it is really fun to watch, unfortunately, I missed out on watching it. 


Floating Market Pattaya
(Entrace Fee: 200 THB)

The Floating Market Entrance

Covering an area of 100,000sqm, the Four Regions Floating Market is separated into four sections; each representing and selling items from the four major parts of Thailand (north, northeast, central and south). Expect to find many eateries, fruit stalls, souvenir shops and some art galleries. There is also a cultural show every afternoon.

Mango Sticky Rice is a must
Sweet Fried Coconut Rice Balls

Food happens to be the main draw here. There are plenty of authentic Thai dishes and classic desserts to sample. Highlights include noodle soups, pad thai (stir-fried rice noodles), kanom jean (rice vermicelli) with different kinds of curries, ka nom krok (coconut pancake), foi thong (golden threads), thong yip (sweet egg yolk) and more. Postcards, Thai handicrafts and some ancient toys made from wood or die-cast metal are widely available within the market, too.

Elephant Brooches and Magnets

Besides food stalls and shops, the market also features other educational and entertaining attractions. The wood-carving museum displays beautiful carved images. If photography is one of your hobbies, do not miss the sunflower and agricultural demonstration fields. There is also a daily free show featuring four cultural performances.

The Four Regions Floating Market Pattaya is a good place to get away from the chaos that is Pattaya and is a must-do for those who have yet to visit a Thai floating market. The market is located on Sukhumvit Road, about two kilometres past Pattaya City.

Sparkly Souvenirs

After all the walking and shopping at the Floating market, it was time to head home to Kuala Lumpur. The flight back was short and comfortable, and while I was sad to leave Pattaya, Im certain I will be visiting again. Before I wrap this post up, I would like to thank the Air Asia Team who worked hard to make this trip a reality, and to the Thailand Tourism Authority who were very gracious to us during our stay.

All in all, I think that Pattaya is the ultimate weekend destination for a getaway for you stressed souls, and I am really glad Air Asia are offering their new routes of 4 flights a week to the lovely city of Pattaya.  I think Pattaya is a great place to visit if you need a quick trip away from your daily life, and to recharge your batteries, so if you’re intrigued and interested for a short beach getaway, do head on over to to start booking your flights.



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