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Clarins New Tri-Active Facials Launching in January 2016

Clarins New Tri-Active Facials

When we talk facials, you may think of extractions, steaming, soothing music, hot tea and hydration masks. Well there is definitely more than just that and hence when Clarins introduced to us their new Tri-Active Facial Treatments which will only be launching in January 2016, we couldn't be more excited for them.

Now there are some facial parlors that do all of the above to extract sebum, exfoliate dead skin cells and more. However, what many of you might not realize, these actions will leave your skin to open pores in the long run and for some of you out there, these painful extractions might be hard to bear.

On the facial

So let's talk gentle. Let's talk massages, great scents, gentle exfoliation and scrubs. The Tri-Active Facial Treatments meets the constant demands of every beauty concern and hence Clarins introduces 8 new personalized treatments that are to be more effecting and relaxing, whilst providing an immediate beauty and total well-being result in not just for the face but the body and mind as well.

8 New Tri-Active Facials

The Skin Solution Experts (RM290)
  • Moisture Quencher (60 mins): Restore comfort, softness and radiance.
  • Skin Soother (60 mins): Soothe and re-balance.
  • Whitening Activator (60 mins): Reduce the look of pigmentation disorders and brighten the skin.
  • Skin Booster (60 mins): Fight fatigue and firm, for men only.

The Lifting Expert (RM365)
  • Total V Face Shaper (75 mins): Refine and lift.

The Every Age Experts (RM365)
  • Lifting Replenisher (75 mins): Replenish and boost the radiance of mature skin.
  • Power Firmer (75 mins): Firm and visibly diminish the look of wrinkles.
  • Radiance Smoother (75 mins): Smooth first wrinkles and protect skin from urban stress.

Key Steps

However what is really great about this new Tri-active Facials is that it also manages to hit all the main points of the face with its key facial steps, hence whilst doing the  that, this assess not only the skin needs but also the muscles within.

Key Facial Steps

1. Sensorial Awakening : Relaxing technique combined with aromatherapy.
2. Makeup Removal with Clarins Anti-Pollution Professional Method
3. Double Exfoliation
4.Anti-Ageing Facial Massage : Firming, Reshaping and Relaxing Anti Aging Action.
5. Triple Face Eyes Decollete Mask
6. A Natural Look Beauty Make Over: Instant Radiance, Smoother Complexion.

Personalized Beauty Experience

However what we truly enjoyed about the entire experience is on the customized weight,pace and pressure that the Beauty Therapist gives to suit the skin needs. We were also surprised on the focus and special attention that were given not only to the face and eyes but also to the neck, decollete and hands as well.

Home Care Products
Clarinspro Anti-Aging
Clarinspro Anti-Ageing with Harungana

Overall the experience of the facial was extremely relaxing and more over after it, you could definitely see a very clear and immediate difference. Not only was the skin brighter but the texture was seemingly was more even which was pleasantly surprising.

However for those of you are worried that the leftover residue would leave the face and skin a little sticky, fret not for that glow of the facial was kept completely natural and non-sticky thereafter. It was a result which we personally found rather exciting. Nonetheless, for more upcoming details and updates on these rejuvenating facials, you can head over to Clarins Facebook Page for further details.



  1. I used to get the Tri-active facials when I was studying in London and they are really lush, I must say I do sort of itch for the extractions that traditional facials offer! CherriesSballet

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