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The solution to fuller and textured hair - Percy & Reed Wonder Balm

On healthy and shinier strands

So I have been having a lot of questions on my hair recently and no it is not about the colors that I have donned in the past but rather on the thickness and fullness that my strands have currently been experiencing.

So today, I decided to sit down and tell you my little secret, one that after trying out for more than a mere couple of days struck me with happiness as the texture of my hair was immensely improving. So this is not going to be a normal review like I have done in the past but rather something that draws from personal experience that I hope will help you guys who have thinning hair or damaged ends.

Introducing Percy & Reed

Fantastic product to create shine

Okay so to begin. All of you know that my strands have gone through transformation after transformation, from vibrant colors to cool tones and after a while, my hair was slowly starting to get limp due to the constant styling and coloring.

Now I am not saying that this is a super bad thing entirely but as I did want to upkeep shine and fullness I did try a magnitude of products which unfortunately did not work for me until this one.

No Oil Oil for thick hair

So during the Sephora preview a couple of months back I had the opportunity to try Percy & Reed. One of the highlight was their No Oil Oil which was fantastic for my ends and gave luxurious shine to my long wavy hair with no form of stickiness (I will expand on this on a separate review). However as I was looking around for volume, I got introduced to their Wonder Balm as well and let me tell you, I have not looked back since.

The miracle solution to voluminous hair

To break it down in layman's terms, what the Wonder Balm actually is, is that it is a light-weight leave in balm that preps and primes your hair before all the styling goes about. It gives you more control and better results with styling and has sufficient moisture and humidity protection as well.

The Full Packaging

However there is another way on how I would normally like to describe it. In terms, basically just think about it like how your hair texture is like a cemented road with pot holes. So to make it even again, we fill up the pot holes with more cement and level it out until it becomes smooth again.

So technically that is how Wonder Balm works for the hair. It not only protects the strands but seals the structure until the hair repairs itself and heals thus giving it more texture, fullness and volume without much effort.

Perfect for styling as well

Now moving on to how would be the best way to apply it. Towel dried hair would a definite yes and even though you can apply it on dry hair, I would highly recommend to go with fresh, just washed strands just to ensure that the product penetrates better.

The texture

So the technique. This is rather vital you guys because you can't just use a chunk of it and simply put it on your hair for it might turn out oddly weird but instead I would recommend to massage the product in little by little until the consistency penetrates in. After that, simply style like usual and you will see the immediate results.


The Wonder Balm retails for RM105 inclusive of GST which in my books is a rather affordable rate for a good solid hair product but if I am not mistaken Sephora is currently having their Christmas sets so do go and check if there is a promotion going on with the Wonder Balm.

For who are looking for the No Oil Oil retailing at RM78, they have one for both thick and fine hair so do go and check that out as well. If you guys have any questions however, you can always drop me a comment below but in the meantime for more details you can check out Percy & Reed's Facebook Page for further information.



  1. First time seeing such a cute packaging of hair balm! Looks like it gonna be great for my dry hair now

  2. Can I saw how in love I am with your hair! It looks so healthy and shiny :) This wonder balm seems like an interesting hair product to try.

  3. Instead of blowing our hairs and putting lotta sticky spray to make it looks fullness. It's a better idea to apply this hair balm. Let it looks fullness naturally. Thanks for your recommendation. :)

  4. I saw this in Sephora the other day... and was quite tempted to get one.. so I probably should now... hehehe

  5. A balm for hair? NO WAY! I love the packaging of it too. So much YES <3

  6. So cute the packaging! It does look lovely too :D Slightly pricey for my budget though :(

  7. Thanks for sharing out the solution! Hope to try it out!

  8. I really in need of good product for my hair. Will ask my hubby to buy it for my Christmas present.

  9. Is it okay for people with weak scalp to use this?

  10. primer for hair..interesting lol like our faces before applying make up. Does this serve as a protection against heated styling tools?


  11. Intersting! The pricing is not bad, definitely gonna try it out.

  12. Get to meet you in person today. Shy to say hi. By the way you so pretty and I love your hair. Suit your personality. Will get a try of this awesome product as I also looking for a good hair product for my thick and dry hair

  13. so thats your secret , for long thick luscious hair. And even after dyeing it, it still looks so bouncy and healthy.

  14. i am an old man with least hair but will recommend this for my wife and friends. thanks for sharing.

  15. I think I would need this balm for my hair too,Always Looking for a better treatment Cream

  16. First time hearing a hair balm. So interesting. Shall actually try it out as i need something to help my hair shine :)

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    texture yg ringan. must try on

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    cheers, siennylovesdrawing


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