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Aloe Vera | Naturals by Watsons & Giveaway!

The Aloe Vera Range Naturals by Watsons

Over the years, I found that incorporating Aloe Vera into my daily routine has been extremely beneficial for the skin, for not only is the agent very cooling but it also enhances moisturizing capabilities as well.

Of course to extract this special ingredient, it would mean that you would need to source the plant to get the 100% natural effect, but seeing that most of us don't have the time to be extremely consistent with this, a lot of us tend to opt for beauty or skincare products that does have this aspect within.

Natural by Watsons 
(Shower Gel and Soothing Gel)

The Shower Gel and Soothing Gel

Nonetheless as most beauty items do have other elements mixed in together to maintain and boost the shelf life of the product, not many would have close to 100% of its key factor contained, but here is where Naturals by Watsons stand out, for not only are their 2 products within the collection are concentrated with Aloe Vera from Spain, but the extract within it is also 99% certified organic.

The Shower Gel

However here is where it gets interesting. While the key element for this range is aloe vera; green tea, cucumber extract and avocado oil are also the supporting elements that also enriches the products with moisture and antioxidant properties.

There are absolutely no harmful ingredients within. So if you think about it, these two products are probably one of the more natural and balanced beauty items with Aloe Vera that basically brings effective results for the skin.

The Benefits of the Aloe Vera Range | Natural by Watsons

  • Soothe, refresh, moisture and protect the skin
  • Has moisture balance and is ideal after sun care
  • Free from harmful ingredients (Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicones and Colorant)

Transparent and runny texture

Now I have tried out both products from the range, and while it has been a wonderful experience, it is time to let you guys have a go at it and share with me on your opinions. So with that, let's do an Instagram Giveaway! Details will be listed below but as always, you can head over to our main Facebook page (or our top website header) and check it out.

Instagram Giveaway Details (3 Sets):

  • Like Watsons Malaysia Instagram Page
  • Leave a comment as to why you would like to win the set from Naturals by Watsons and repost the picture.
  • Just as easy as that, 3 winners will walk away with these amazing Aloe Vera products from Naturals by Watsons!

The Soothing Gel
Thicker Consistency

With regards of a personal favorite on the other hand, that would have to be the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. In terms of fragrance, both are similar but with the soothing gel relieving the skin after exposure from the sun, it is certainly a very useful product to carry around.

However, as I am a little unsure on the price as both are not in stores yet, you can certainly check out Watsons Malaysia's Official Facebook for more details.



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  2. I love to win Natural by Watsons because I love to use aloe vera products.


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