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KATE Tokyo | Sharp Lock Slim Gel Pencil

At the launch

Alright you guys, looks like the winning long-stay eyeliner; Sharp Lock Slim Gel Pencil from KATE Tokyo has a new and improved formula that has revolutionized the way how eyeliners are remembered.

The new Sharp Lock Slim Gel Pencil

Having precise, super sharp, dark, lustrous, non smudging and fade resistant strokes, this new eyeliner has deeply identified with the sentiment that this is the one eyeliner that works for most different types of looks. Retailing at RM47 each, the eyeliner comes in 2 shades which are in BK-1 High Black and BR-1 Brown and is completely waterproof and fragrance free.

Kate Super Sharp Liner

Now you all know that I am a huge fan of KATE Tokyo's Super Sharp Liner but with KATE Tokyo's products progressively striking a chord at every turn for the past 14 years, the efficacy and results in each of their items are proving increasingly impressive in the dynamic beauty market.

In terms of diversity, we also have alongside the much celebrated Sharp Lock Slim Gel Pencil, two new products that have been rolled out to all Watsons stores; which is its new range of the Almond Eye Palette and the Mousse BB Cream
The Almond Eye Palette

The Almond Eye Palette follows the basic technique of gradiation to make the eyes appear larger but with a few vertical sections it also does doubles edge enhancing makeup. This is a contoured look with a tapering eye corner that make the lids look more defined, structured and automatically larger. These 3 shade new palettes come in 8 shades at RM55 each and are fragrance free with a sponge-tipped applicator.
Mousse BB Cream

As for Asia's exclusive base makeup item in KATE Tokyo's Collection which is the Mousse BB Cream, it focuses on three things; which is its long-lasting abilities, prevents unwanted shine and fading as well as reducing pore visibility

The texture is a silky smooth finish that turns into powder and like the Almond Eye Palette, it is fragrance free. Other than that, it also contains sebum absorbing powder and has dryness preventing ingredients. These comes in 2 shades are RM39 each which are 01 Bright Color and 02 Natural Color and are SPF30 PA+++.

The Promotion at the Roadshow at Midvalley

So for those of you who would like to check the products out, you can head over to the KATE Tokyo Roadshow at Mid Valley which will be ongoing till the 7th of August 2016. There are tons of deals available upon purchase (listed above) but in the meantime for more details, you can check out KATE Tokyo on their Official Facebook or on the Watsons Mobile App for further information.

In the meantime, all products are exclusively available at all Watsons stores nationwide. (Mid Valley Watsons Concept Store is located at Level 1)


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