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Bourjois Liner Feutre Slim | Volume Reveal Waterproof Mascara | Souffle de Velvet

Base: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Ever since Bourjois made its grand debut in Malaysia in 2014, the brand has certainly won over many hearts with its vast array of products. A special mention of this especially goes towards the formulation of its Healthy Mix Foundation that gives the face a natural glowy look with a light to medium coverage which you can find referenced in the picture above.

Nonetheless, with its headquarters based in France, we have come to love the brand for all that it is, right from its affordability to its consistent high quality line of beauty products. Hence with this, we have 3 of the brand's latest launches in hand to try out; and of course to see how well it fares, let's have a look below.

Bourjois Liner Feutre Slim

The Bourjois Liner Feutre Slim

The first one that we have here is the Bourjois Liner Feutre Slim. This one is a felt-tip beauty that is 0.8ml in size and acts like a precision marker for that perfect cat eye. Upon trying it out, the consistency of the product comes out matte and while it does take a bit of pressure to lay the shade down, you can be assured that the color will not shift even after 6 hours.

The Felt Tip

Now while we can't say for sure that the lasting effect of the liner is up to 24 hours as the product claims, what we do like about it is that it dries down to a perfect matte finish quickly; sometimes a mere 20-30 seconds after the application has been worn on. Now while this is a good thing, you would also have to take note of is that while the tip is ultra fine, it can also be a little bit hard on sensitive lids.

So with that being said, overall the liner is pretty decent and in terms of the matte, non-shifting formulation, it is great.Plus retailing at RM42.90 online and in stores, the shade 16 Noir is nothing short of lovely as well.

Product Description:

Name: Bourjois Liner Feutre Slim
Shade: 16 Noir
Retail: RM42.90
Availability: Bourjois Counters nationwide and Selected Watsons Stores.

Bourjois Volume Reveal Waterproof Mascara

The Bourjois Volume Reveal

The Volume Reveal Waterproof Mascara is a real treat for those out there who enjoy amping up their lashes. This latest reveal by Bourjois really helps thin lashes to spread out evenly, and for those of you who would like a little curl within them to open up the eyes, this one is a great product to have in hand.

A Magnifying Mirror at the back

Having a 3X zoom magnifying mirror behind its packaging, the design of the product shows it to be a little unique from previous releases and to be honest, we absolutely loved that aspect of it. Not only was that considerate but with the mascara being in a triangular form as well, the placement of the product became extremely seamless as well, as it would not roll off your vanity when you would need to use it.

Side View

In terms of the wand, there is nothing overly extraordinary about it (no special curve, bend or different bristles) but what made the volume truly become what it is, is its formulation. After all, for a mascara to have a combination of an extremely dark, well formulated shade that is able to hold the lashes upward to volumize while layering on two layers with no clumps in between is not an easy to find.

Product Description:

Name: Bourjois Volume Reveal Waterproof Mascara
Shade: 23 Waterproof Black
Retail: RM52.90
Availability: Bourjois Counters nationwide and Selected Watsons Stores.

Bourjois Souffle de Velvet 
08 Carameli Melo & 02 Coquelic' oh!

Mixing the two Souffle de Velvet. Left (08) Right (02)

Finally we move on to the lips. Having launched just the previous week before in stores; we have here with us the Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet. This is a lighter version of the Rouge Edition Velvet and has a sheer matte formula which is much more different than the highly pigmented original.

On Application

Made for a more comfortable and natural wear, this range has 8 new shades - each with a lighter than air formulation. This can be worn as a tint or an overall sheer finish on the lips and for this look, we have used a combination of the 08 Carameli Melo and 02 Coquelic oh! and needless to say, the results were absolutely fantastic.

Product Description:

Name: Bourjois Souffle de Velvet
Shade: 8 Shades (VIPeach, Cherry Leaders, Fucshiamellow, Orangelique, Carameli Melo, Ravie en Rose, Coquelic oh! and PlumPlum Girls)
Retail: RM45.90
Availability: Bourjois Counters nationwide and Selected Watsons Stores.

After the use of all three products

Overall the pairing for the 3 compliments well and Bourjois has done a swell job on each of them. If there were a product to be a highlighted out of the 3 to try out, our point of purchase would be to give a go on the Souffle de Velvet as it really does provide comfortable wear with a very moisturizing formulation that is able to last up to 3-4 hours.

In the meantime, for further details on the products and more, you can follow Bourjois on their Official Facebook Page for more information.



  1. You looks so different in this. Make up can really make someone look so different can't they? Nice review Shivani. :)

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  7. pretty, look so different in these shots .. wow.

  8. your make up just looks amazing with just this three products... wish I had your skills of making up

  9. your make up just looks amazing with just this three products... wish I had your skills of making up

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