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An Orange Lip | Make Up For Ever Explosive Orange Lip Fever Collection

Mixing the MUFE Explosive Orange Lip Fever Collection

Wearing an orange lip is never easy for anyone but if you pair them up with the right shades of colors, the tones will compliment the lip shape with just the right amount of 'oomph' without being too overpowering.

The packaging for the three shades : Set worth (RM405)
Within the box

Having three variants in Make Up For Ever's New Explosive Orange Lip Fever limited edition collection, we take a look at three textures; The Artist Lip Balm in Sensual Coral, Artist Lip Blush in Flammable Tangerine and the Artist Acrylip in Juiced Up Pumpkin. For easier reference, the consistencies and more will be listed down below as we test out the different intensities of the shades.

MUFE Explosive Orange Lip Fever Collection

The Artist Lip Balm (Retail: RM135)
In Shade Sensual Coral

So first and foremost we take a look at the Artist Lip Balm in Sensual Coral. Its a beautiful sheer formula with a smooth balm texture and amongst the three is the easiest and most wearable color in the collection. The formula is quite comfortable to wear and if you love natural lip shades, this one would plump up the lips to a smooth and rather nice orange neutral finish.

The Artist Lip Blush (Retail: RM135)
In Shade Flammable Tangerine

As for the Artist Lip Blush in Flammable Tangerine, the shade is a bold matte orange that is extremely pigmented on its own upon swatch. The consistency of the color mirrors the Artist Lip Balm, but a more vibrant one at that and overall for a matte finish, it gives quite a satisfying lasting wear that can last for up to 4 hours without reapplication.

The Artist Acrylip (Retail: RM135)
In Shade Juiced Pumpkin

In terms of the Artist Acrylip in Juiced Up Pumpkin, the tone is pretty loud for a gloss and even though it can seem daunting to wear, it is quite staining for that perfect statement lip and is long wearing for a good night out. However, application would be great if you could start out with smooth lips, so best to give the lips a thorough cleanse for a good and glossy pout.

Wearing Orange Lip Shades

How would you wear an orange lip?

Tip 1: If you are a beginner at this, first and foremost, cleanse your lips. I find it extremely difficult to pull off bright colors when they intermix with a previous wear. Plus if a matte formula is your choosing for the day, it would be advisable to do so, as it would last longer during a full day's wear as glosses tend to have a shorter time frame on the lips.

Swatches from the Left: Artist Lip Balm,  Artist Lip Blush and Artist Acrylip

Tip 2: Now if you are not into brights like flaming orange (and are worried on how the shade would look next to your teeth), you can always try on a sheer or lighter version of the color of your choosing (recommended here the MUFE The Artist Lip Balm in Sensual Coral).

If you would like to go a little darker, you can always throw some vibrancy into the mix and see how it turns out. If it does get too much, simply blot the current shade off with tissue and start again.

Which would you rather?

Tip 3: The last step that I would personally advise is to ensure that whatever shade that you are putting on your lips (in this case orange), you have to ensure that the makeup that you are wearing on that day matches. A good way to pair them up is to either match your eyeshadow or blush with the lip, for this way you will have good symmetry in terms of pairing up the brights.

Overall Thoughts

Surprisingly this Make Up For Ever Explosive Orange Collection really did impress in terms of its color mixtures and textures. Plus with such great consistencies in terms of formulation, you can also make wonderful artwork out of it in terms of achieving an ombre lip, patterned or even a solid and full vibrant lip.

In terms of where you will be able to get it, the collection will be available at Starhill, KL but as for online, you might need to wait awhile at Sephora's Official Online Store. For more details however, you can follow Make Up For Ever on their Official Facebook Page.


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