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Receiving Flowers with Flower Chimp

Receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers can honestly brighten up anyone's day, and seeing that many floral platforms have made their services more accessible online, it is certainly more simpler to receive fresh flowers, and even more so be personally delivered to your doorstep with convenience in mind.

Same day deliveries on the other hand are quite a rarity amongst these platforms, as it usually takes about a day's notice to make an order but taking a look at a new flower delivery website called Flower Chimp,  this seems to be a solution if you are indeed pressed on time.

Same Day Delivery with Flower Chimp 
(Order before 12pm)

The Main Page

Catering to a wide variety of occasions, the selection of arrangement here is pretty vast; having well organized online pages for Birthdays, Father's Day, Business, Funeral, New Born, Thank You, Anniversaries, Business and more. The ordering details are quite straightforward as well, but for those of you who are interested, We will list the steps down for you just in case.

Options of the floral arrangements

 First up of course is the selection process. If you are planning on purchasing flowers for the week (these flowers are very fresh and can last for at least 2 weeks) and not specifically for an occasion, it would be highly suggested to go and head over to the 'By Type' Category.

Here you will find an avid selection of bouquets, each ranging by price and even can be sorted by color and the type of flowers of your choosing.

Once chosen

Once you have made your selection, head on over to 'Add To Cart' at the right side of the page. Some of the arrangements will have the option of the flowers coming with or without a vase, so if you have a preference, you can also have this alternative as well.

Heading to Checkout

Now once you have chosen your arrangement of choice, you can continue to the checkout counter by pressing next. Here you will have the option to pick a delivery date (same date delivery has to be made before 12pm) and if you have a personalize message to send to your loved one, you can also include the content here as well.

Adding in your details

Lastly of course would be the insertion of your information and recipient address. There is also a discount code that can be applied here (Have one especially for you listed below) and once you have included all of the above, you can head over to make your payment.

Thank You Flower Chimp

When accepted, you will receive a confirmation email together with your order details. Ours was ordered at 10am and flowers were promptly delivered at 1.45pm sharp. Overall it was a very impressive feat.


So now for the code. For this month of August, we have teamed up with Flower Chimp to give a special rebate of RM20 for all our readers for any orders placed with no minimal amount. So let's just say, you want the fresh bouquet of daisies like we did on the above, all you would need to do is key in the code 'PENMY20' and you will only be paying RM59 for the entire thing. Pretty awesome right?

The quality of the fresh flowers

Nonetheless, if you would like to find out more information on Flower Chimp and their quality selections, you can also visit their Official Website for further details.


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  1. These are very nice flowers at flowerchimp in Malaysia.


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