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TAG La | Bluetooth Locator

Introducing TAG La

A small device but a powerful one. TAG La is a gadget that we are going to be discussing today and what it is, is basically a tracking Bluetooth device that helps you find anything at any given time or place.

On the device

This is a rather handy tool to have in one's pocket, especially when it has multi-functional uses that can be used not only as an item tracker, but also as a phone and car tracker, a camera remote as well as a voice recorder.

With everything built in one, TAG La is a very convenient device and weighing in at only 30g, you can basically bring it anywhere at your own comfort. Personally, its very handy when its strung along the phones and keys; but it can technically work with any important item that would be with you on a daily basis.

The Bluetooth Function | How Does It Work?

A Closer Look

First and foremost, since TAG La is a Bluetooth device, you will need to download the official app called 'Troika Find' to keep record of its tracking. This is available on both the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Signing into Troika Find

The next step that you would need to take is to sync your TAG La device with your phone (this can be done through the instruction manual given) and thus when you do, you can personalize the names (keys, wallet, passport) according to your top priorities needed.

Connecting to Your Needs:

  • Phone | Item Tracking:
    • Click the Alert Button to locate lost items. 
    • There is a Do Not Disturb button on the app to shut down all alerts when in need.
    • Phone:
      • To locate, press the button twice on TAG La and your phone will alert you (ring/vibrate) on its location. 
      • Can set it under 3 functions: Anti Lost, Find Me and Disconnect.
      • This will also work when the phone is on silent or is switched off.

  • Car Tracking:
    • To locate your car in the parking lot, simply click once on your TAG La device after parking your car. This will pin its location on the map which you will then be able to find upon opening the app.

  • Camera Remote
    • Has multi functional uses for flash, no flash, timer, single and burst short.
    • Can be used to take pictures.
    • Able to set up a password when needed.
    • Can record audio when you double click the TAG La device as well.

Mapping to locate your car location
Inside - Changing Battery

So far, this little gadget is very impressive on all levels seeing that it is multi-functional and convenient, and what we seem to personally enjoy is that the app runs very smoothly and locates items extremely quickly. Plus although the instructions are indeed a little elaborate (best to read up on that instruction manual) the information is at the end pretty straightforward.

For further details of TAG La, you can find them below but in the meantime, for more details or purchase, you can head over to their their Official Website for further information.

Product Details:

Shades Available: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, White and Black
Origin: Malaysia
Retail: RM59.90 per piece

Pros: Convenient, In a variety of colors, Multi-functional, Simple to understand and Great tech
Cons: Battery life and No string attachment


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