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Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner | Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio

Application with Physicians Formula's latest

Nude shades seem to be growing really popular this summer, and shimmer shadows have just been the right ticket for it. The newly launched Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner is a palette that has 9 shades to create 3 different looks, and with that we have three variations of natural, playful and dramatic all built into one.

The Classic Nude Palette
9 Shades Unveiled

Now since this is one of those rare moments where we have worked with a full shimmer palette, we have kept the look above as matte as possible (foundation wise) to show the enhancement of shimmer for both the eyes and lips. Locking in with the last three shades, it was decided to go for the dramatic effect, so with the trio in hand, the eye-look was thus created.

Using the last 3 shades

As far as the formulation for these shadows go, the consistency is decent. Pigment came through more for the darker shades so that was a good thing but in terms of the lighter colors, you would definitely need to layer more than twice to get the effect that you would want.

In terms of fall out, there certainly was some but as these shades were shimmer with a pearlescent consistency, it was only just a fair to expect a certain bit. Application otherwise was smooth and blendable, leading to a sheer natural finish once the desired look was complete.

The Eyeliner Trio

Here the look was also completed with a liner and having 3 Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio, we opted for the one in black which glided along the lash-line well. The great thing about this was also that there was no shifting after, so the liner did stay put over the shimmer shadows greatly.

On Overall

To recreate the look above, you can also use the two products above, both retailing at Watsons Online at RM63.50 (now RM57.15 - Shimmer Strip Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner) and at RM80.45 (now RM40.23 - Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio),

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  1. Oohh I love the shades! The eyeliners are gorgeous as well. Been exploring eye-makeup a little more nowadays so I'll get round to trying them soon :D

  2. wow looks nice on you. I haven't try this brand yet.
    love makeup too :D

  3. I owned Naked 1. And I am thinking bout getting this one now.... You do know how to make a girl spend hahahah by showing them how well these shades can achieve!

  4. The 3 shadow colours suit you well. Looks awesome on you. Will try this out too.

  5. What lovely shades that you have. I love your eyes too. You really reviewed the products so well!

  6. OMG love this eye shadow so much, wish can try it on as well! BTW it looks fantastic on you dear!

  7. I must try it out and see again... I can't seem to get it on as perfectly as you.. hahahah....

  8. Wah... I love the new shades, all my favorite colors :)


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