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Collaborator's Post | Cuepido Cosmetics Lippilocks

On Cuepido

With so many different formulations of lipsticks and ways of applying it, most of the time we stick to a couple of shades from our favorite brand. There are certain days when I feel that I would like to go matte and sometimes, I look to my preferred lip tint or gloss for when I just want to be casual. Here are two from Cuepido Cosmetics, a brand founded in 2012 on Valentines Day in the United States that we recently came across for everyday makeup.

Cuepido Cosmetics Lippilocks
(In Shades Crush & Mellow; Retails RM115 each)

Introducing Cuepido Cosmetics Lippilocks

So the two shades that we will be looking at today are Crush and Mellow by Cuepido Cosmetics. Crush is more of a pinky peach hue and Mellow is just a beautiful, natural nude color. Both shades matches nicely with most skin tones because it can be used as a gloss on its own or over a matte lipstick to make the lips looks extra plump and moist. 

The formulation is somewhat thick yet it glides on smoothly upon application. For a gloss it is pretty pigmented and both lip glosses come with a doe foot applicator that picks up the product very well.

Under Layer Option 
(Cue Smooch; Retails USD RM105)

For the lips to stay hydrated throughout the day
Cuepido Cosmetics Cue Smooch Conditioning Lip Care

As for an under layer, this lip product is optional and works well as a lip moisturizer. On days when my routine starts in the afternoon, this is quite useful as I normally put on my lip care before applying my lipstick. This is usually before heading out for events or to run errands. 

What this does though is that it prevents your lips from chapping, and leaves it hydrated throughout the day. The texture upon application feels firm and then when it sets it leaves more of a balm effect that keeps the lips moist throughout the day.

The Lippilocks Swatches

(In the Shade Mellow)

A shade that is great for day and night\
Upon One Swatch

Now in terms of a swatch test, Mellow is the first color that was put to the test. This tone is more of a nude shade that gives you a natural finish and the formulation is quite thick upon application but very smooth. It also has a citrusy scent to it which is not as overpowering compared to some of the lip products out there in the market. 

A gloss that brightens the complexion
Wearing the shade Mellow

With regards on how long the product can stay on the lips, the shade can last to about three to four hours before the next application is required. However, there is still a little shine and gloss which makes it acceptable if you would not want reapply your lip color.

(In the Shade Crush)

A close up on the shade Crush
On the swatch and pigment

Lippilocks in the color Crush is more of a peachy pink shade that adds a little bit of life to your lips and instantly brightens up your face. Both are consistent with one another when it comes to the formulation and scent. 

Wearing Crush

Each color glides on smoothly where two applications of the product is sufficient to give your lips that full gloss. In addition, just like Mellow, this one has a similar wear duration, about three to four hours which is acceptable seeing that I ate, drank and went about my day before reapplication.  

Side by side swatches

Overall, these lip colors are pretty universal are one that you can wear on its own, or apply above a matte lipstick to give it a little bit of gloss, just because of how pigmented it is. The shades of the product are lovely as well and it keeps your lips looking moist and healthy which in turn avoids chappy lips. 

I would say that my favorite among the two shades would be Crush because it gives a hint of color and it is perfect for both day and night. One tip I would recommend though when applying Lippilocks or any lip-gloss for that matter, would be to ensure that you have given your lips a good scrub to get rid of any dry skin left on your lips.

Things to know about Cuepido Cosmetics

  • Against animal testing and are a PETA accredited cruelty free brand.
  • Adheres to eco-ethics.
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates and gluten.
  • Uses flowers and plant extracts, vitamins, essential oils, minerals and natural organic ingredients only.

In the meantime, for more information on these products and more, head on over to Cuepido Cosmetics Official Website or their Official Facebook Page.



  1. looks like a very interesting range of lippies... might just check it out and see if it suits me or not... thanks for the recommendation....

  2. I love the colour of Wearing Crush. Looks attractive on your lips.

  3. I prefer the Mellow shade, my favorite color, and suitable for day wear :)

  4. I love the shades that these lippilocks come in. I can't decide which is my favourite.

  5. i am very much into lip care, and that one you have there looks like it could work wonders.. ^^


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