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The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum | Anti Aging Formula

Giving a go at The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum

Never having come across a serum that is extremely lightweight but is also immensely hydrating at the same time, The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum was certainly quite a delightful discovery to explore.

The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum

The Product

A blend of French sea water and natural essential oils, the serum contains quite a few of really good skincare benefits that combats anti-aging effects, and if you look at the ingredients list closely, you would also notice that many of them have anti-inflammatory qualities too. All of this is included with the addition of providing gentle exfoliation that helps assist issues like scars and more as well.

The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pads
30 cotton pads within

Packaged together with The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pads (30 units), which are coated with finely milled natural jade stone and green tea powder, the combination of the two is pretty impressive.

The Texture

Plus if you think that cotton pads wouldn't make much of a difference, you'd be mistaken, for these particular ones are super soft and acts as a mild exfoliant that leaves the skin clean and refined. In addition, it works very well for those who have sensitive skin, as it is not at all rough on the texture.

The Volume Control
The Pump

However in terms of The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum, it comes in a volume of 130ml per bottle and as you can see below, it has a smooth transparent liquid that has a slightly lighter consistency than gel. Moreover, there is also a measuring chart at the side of its frosted glass packaging for its user, and this is just to keep mark of how much product is being used as well.

The Formulation

In the meantime, the liquid absorbs well into the skin and cools down pretty quickly too, but seeing that there is a decent amount of alcohol aspect to this (you would notice the scent), this would probably be the case. Nonetheless for best usage, you can apply this once every two days but keep in mind that if your skin is a little sensitive to the amount of alcohol content within a product, you can certainly make a reconsideration anytime.

How To | Application | Different Ways

  • Application #01: 
    • After cleansing and before toning (1 to 2 pumps for each application) but for dry skin use it only once or twice a week and not daily as it may be slightly drying to the skin.

  • Application #02:
    • Use it as an exfoliator and combine it with the Green Tea Cotton Pads as they have fine jade particles that leave the skin more refined. One pump will do on the cotton pad and spread it evenly on the face with one clean swipe in an upwards motion following your contour line.

  • Application #03:
    • Can be used as a DIY sheet mask. There will be absolutely no wastage with this and you can leave it on the face for 15-20 minutes on each application.

  • Application #04:
    • Utilized as a massage point after application. Locate the seven points on the face and press on for three to five seconds to relax the areas.

  • Application #05:
    • Using 1-2 drops on the center of the palm, you can place it in front of the face to freshen the mind. It also helps to keep you awake too, so that it a pretty good aspect as well.

Application on the skin

As for the serum's formulation, the texture does not leave any form of oily residue on the skin which is great, but seeing that there are many good oils within the serum, it was noticed that this was broken down to smaller particles in order to make The First Serum's consistency lightweight.

The Pack

Nonetheless, in terms of its performance, The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum certainly does not disappoint because after a 2 week trial period, it does leave the skin quite radiant and youthful, with the addition of it being more hydrated than before. However in terms of its anti-aging benefits, we would certainly need to give it a go for a longer period of time to see its results, but on overall it does deliver a refreshing performance.

Where you can find it

In the meantime, for further details on The Therapy First Serum, you can certainly check out The Face Shop's Official Website and Facebook Page or keep updated on their Instagram handle @thefaceshopmalaysia, but as for its retail, The Therapy First Serum will be at RM148.29 inclusive of 6% GST in all The Face Shop Stores too.



  1. sounds great. Is this serum works?

  2. Seriously I like their packaging! So unique and saw a lot of good review on this first serum :D


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