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Benefit's Push-Up Lash Hugging Gel Liner Pen Review

Every girl's makeup vanity is like a secret passage way to their hidden treasure chest. It can filled with their guilty pleasures, sparkling favorites or even best yet; their secret weapon.

Digging through a girl's makeup trove is definitely an exciting thing to do (just ask any girl) but when it comes to finding their absolute favorites, it is like the saying "Just like a kid at a candy store."

I have been looking for a matte eye liner for quite sometime, so it came to no surprise that when Benefit's Push Up Liner made it's global debut, I was part of the hype who were excited to try it out.

As mentioned before in my previous post, the highlight of this liner which is significantly different from any other is it's Accuflex tip.

This tip actually makes it easier for those to achieve the wing tipped cat eye look with much ease and precision. After all it does follow it's motto "If being easy is a crime, then yes she is guilty." Best to keep putting on it's orange stopper after each use just to make sure that the product doesn't dry as well.

It's custom angled tip

This custom angled gel liner pen took five years for Benefit to carefully formulate and now is finally making it's global launch on the 27th of June.


I heard that many rushed to the Benefit's flash sale at KLCC on the 14th recently and I have to say I completely understand the hype. This Push Up gel eye liner's application is not only smooth but also has a matte finishing that gives an excellent pigmented color payoff.

The Accuflex Tip

The Accuflex tip gives it a great advantage as well seeing that it has now been made easier to have it's user achieve that perfect winged tipped cat eye look. Swatching it on, it gives it's user great control, allowing the gel liner pen to amount it's product with just a little click on the other end of the gel liner pen.
One click dispels the product

A little advise though, the moment you do see the product in line with the Accuflex tip, allow it a few seconds to come out.

Clicking the pen once again to ensure that the product does get out might be a little much on application as this does dry up pretty quickly. However it is much to be expected since it does have a matte finishing.

A simple eye-look with Benefit's Push Up Gel Liner Pen

So what are my thoughts on it?

I love the quick drying matte finish, the Accuflex tip and the control that the pen gives me. Although it does take some time getting used to (then again what product doesn't?) but I do love using it.

I did wish that it gave me a little more allowance on the timing department in order to go over and smoother the application of the gel liner on the eye but I guess I will take the 20 seconds time frame over anything. Taking it out does take a little bit of time but if you are looking to remove the eyeliner with ease, I would suggest going for Benefit's They're Real remover. It helps tons without the slight bit of hassle.


Product: Benefit's They're Real! Push Up Liner
Flash Sale: 14th June 2014 at Sephora KLCC (Limited Stocks)
Global Launch Date: 27th June 2014
Retail Price: RM100
Instagram Giveaway: 17th June 2014 @ 2pm



  1. Wow, I love eyeliner so much! Will try.

    Btw, Jemput Singgah baca entry naz.. : Bondaku Excident Semalam!

    1. Hi Syarifah, glad to hear that you love it! :)

      The Accuflex tip is fantastic for cat eye looks and this has to be one of the first matte eyeliners that I have come across. Extremely wearable for day and night use.

  2. Lovely eyeliner!! it looks like the applicator makes it easier to make an arch!!

    1. It really does :) It's extremely precise too ^^


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