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L'Oreal Paris Malaysia White Perfect Total 10 Event

When it comes to the word 'White' in any beauty product, I am often left a little hesitant to give the product a try.

Can't be helped though because due to my tan tone which I have mentioned in previous posts, there is much to be desired when it comes to sampling beauty products that does not have the correct color to compliment it.

Today as we attended L'Oreal Paris Malaysia's White Perfect Total 10 event at Chillax TGV One Utama, we were given a deeper insight to their new White Perfect range which consisted of their latest star product, the Total 10 All-In-One Whitening Day Cream with SPF30 PA+++.

One interesting fact about this product is that it has a no shine and color correcting effect (as you have might noticed on it's purple texture) which settled all my doubts on it being just another whitening/brightening product.

Another unique highlight is that when swatched on, it gives a extremely lovely floral scent as well. Nothing so subtle but nothing too strong as well. So think beautiful flowers when you put it on, haha. It is also absolutely perfect for those who are concerned about oily skin.

The White Perfect Range

Just to touch base here, the new White Perfect Total 10 for L'Oreal Paris Malaysia is a whitening cream that not only gives you fairer skin but protects from external aggression to help prevent future UV-induced darkening and excess sebum.

It also has Vitamin CX and Dermo Shield which gives deep whitening action and protection against UV-induced darkening, including oil-control. The 10 benefits that L'Oreal Paris Malaysia mentioned is all packed into this one product complete and is extremely easy to achieve with five brightening and five protection benefits. Do allow me some time to sample this product a bit as I will be giving a more extensive review on it in my upcoming post.

Price      : RM39.90
Quantity : 50ml

The Mat Magique

L'Oreal Paris Malaysia also introduced another product which was the Mat Magique. Coming into the season's fashion week at Paris, matte skin became the new sexy where skin is matte with a perfect poreless-looking effect. Completely flawless with a beautiful shine-free effect that is extremely radiant and fresh.

Loving it yet?

Apologies for the lack of pictures of the swatching process here as my camera could not pick up the details as clearly as I would have liked  but take my word for it when I say that Mat Magique made a tremendous 'matte' difference on the skin.

Applying the oil

As you can see on the picture above, oil was applied to the hand to show an oily texture of the skin. Later on the Modern Matte was lightly dabbed onto half of the area to showcased the difference and lo and behold the pickup of oil was hardly there at all.

In three shades

I honestly wished that I had the Mat Magique in hand to elaborate more on it for you girls but as it comes in only three shades (R1 Rose Ivory, N2 Nude Vanilla and G2 Golden Ivory) my choices were rather limited. However do give them a go as they are quite affordable. With a 12-hour shine free effect it gives the Essence Mattifying Compact Powder a good run for it's money.

Price      : RM39.90
Refills    : RM 19.90

Choose your own bracelets to make

After going through the products we also had a bracelet making session which I personally loved. The charms used looked very much like Pandora charms and unless you looked closely, you would honestly mistake them for it as well.

Decked; Can you spot which is the bracelet?

L'Oreal Paris Malaysia also surprised some of the girls with a tour of Watsons and showed them where their products and counters were located. There was also a small Q&A session after which the girls won prizes as well.

Fish trying on the White Perfect Total 10

Fish was our model of the day and as the products were demonstrated, we were talked through the benefits of  L'Oreal Paris Malaysia White Perfect Total 10.

Results: 10 Benefits

1. Instant Glow
2. Fairer Skin
3. Even Tone
4. Anti Dark Spots
5. Anti Shine Effect
6. Anti Pollution
7. Anti UVA
8. Anti UVB
9. Anti Oxydation
10. Anti Oiliness Effect


As you can't really see as Fish was under dim lighting but the outcome in white light was pretty flawless. For optimum results, L'Oreal Paris Malaysia suggested to use three steps which was to cleanse the skin with their White Perfect Brightening Gentle Balancing Foam, their White Perfect Whitening and Moisturizing Toner and last but not least their White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream.

I will divulge more details on the White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream in my upcoming posts but in the meantime, to find out more about L'Oreal Paris Malaysia's latest products, kindly head on over to the links below:

L'Oreal Paris Malaysia Official Facebook Page :
L'Oreal Paris Malaysia Official Webpage:



  1. Wow shivani!! So the mat magique too

    1. Haha thanks dear :) The Mat Magique is awesome <3

  2. Hi i love your blog. You are very pretty :)
    Do you know is the Mat Magique powder already available in stores? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much dear :)

      Yeap I saw it the other day and still loving it!


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