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Hishop X CLIO Product Review

Sometimes when you take a look a a cosmetic brand unknown to you it, you would feel a little anxious to sample it. This is common issue so no worries but sometimes if you're lucky, you find a diamond in the rough that you simply need to share out.

Like in previous blog posts, I do not rave about all the products I receive; just ones that are proved to be worth the purchase and that work. Oh and just in case you didn't know, I do have  a label marked "Rave Faves" on the trending column above just in case if you would want to know what products have worked extremely well and had positive reviews from me before.

I got to know about the Korean brand CLIO from Hishop Malaysia and I was extremely glad to explore more on the brand when they kindly sent three of their products to me for review.

1.CLIO VF21 Cushion C.C 001 Pink
2. CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Killblack 001 Black
3. CLIO Virgin Kiss Lipnicure 007 Tension Red

CLIO Products

Since I am such a sucker for lipsticks, lip glosses, lip-stains and what not, I decided to begin my journey with CLIO's Virgin Kiss Lipnicure 007 Tension Red.

Fancy having a lipnicure anyone?

This vampy lip color is no stranger to those of us who adore that signature red sultry look.  Think Rihanna, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian. Talk about fierce. I honestly could have mistaken this as a nail polish as the packaging was very similar to one. However the packaging was a pretty good idea seeing that the product could last you a long while with it's generous amount.
Inside packaging

So let's bring it down to swatching and application. This CLIO Virgin Kiss Lipnicure 007 Tension Red claims to be Kissable, Waterproof and Touchproof according to it's product description. I have never really seen a waterproof lip-stain before, let alone a touch-proof one but oh me oh my when I applied this on, I felt fabulous.

The Before and After

You would have to excuse the dry and chaps lips here I was feeling a bit under the weather a couple of days ago; hence the dehydration but as you can see, the amazing difference this CLIO Virgin Kiss Lipnicure 007 Tension Red gave me was tremendous. It was a little difficult to remove but the color payoff was fantastic. I seriously wished they had it in more colors though.

Retailing at RM55.90 (now at RM44.90 at Hishop Malaysia) it somehow managed to mask the chappiness of the lips along by giving it a very smooth matte finish. This is now by far my favorite lip-stain; or lipnicure as they call it- ever. It doesn't smudge, the color doesn't fade and best of all it doesn't leave stains anywhere. Best lipstain ever.

Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner

Now let's move on to the second item of the day;  CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Killblack 001 Black. Retailing at RM55.90 (now RM45.80 at Hishop Malaysia) his is quite a standard pen liquid eyeliner in black; sort of reminds me of the one I have by the brand KATE.
The felt tip

I did enjoy the fine felt tip though, it made me feel like I had more control over my application.  I tried to see how fine the lines could get through swatching the product on my wrist and I have to say that I was pretty happy with the end result.

Swatching the thickness and color

The color wasn't as black as I thought it would be; it came out a little watery at first which I was a little concerned about, but after it had dried off which took about 30 seconds, it was as right as rain.

Like the design?

I decided to try a simple butterfly design on my eyelids as I felt this eyeliner could go much further in terms of detailing (plus I'm just quirky that way) and the outcome was definitely not bad. Would have liked it to be a little more stronger on the color though.

The CLIO VF21 Cushion C.C 001 Pink

Last but not least is the  CLIO VF21 Cushion C.C 001 Pink. Retailing at RM119.90 (now at RM89.90 on Hishop Malaysia), this had to be one of the most beautiful packaging designs that I had seen. Cupping it in the palm of my hand, I felt like I was holding a beautiful pearl instead of a CC Cushion.

Unveiling the inside

Opening the packaging I was rather surprised to find a little powder puff which made me a little confused for awhile on whether this CC Cushion was in powder form or in liquid form. Usually the CC products which you would normally see in stores would come in a liquid form in a tube so again this was a first for me.

Before and After Application

Now since it stated "Cushion CC" in the package I tried my luck and pressed on the cushioned CC and after awhile, I saw that the product was swatched at the edge of my powder puff. I took some on the tip of my finger for a better look.

It had a light pink shade to it and was quite smooth upon application. Coverage was on the light to medium side so quite nice to wear it out on a daily basis. They do have the color beige as well just in case if you have a more yellow undertone for your skin as well.

So what is the review?

Overall out of the three products, the best one for me is still the  CLIO Virgin Kiss Lipnicure 007 Tension Red . A close second would be the CLIO VF21 Cushion C.C 001 Pink and last but not least is the CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Killblack 001 Black. I don't know why, maybe I'm just a little more fussy when it comes to eyeliners.

Exclusive RM20 rebate for your readers: CLIOMAY
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 July 2014

All in all the products are pretty fantastic in their own way but I do wish they would expand more on the product range and color choices. In the meantime here is to hoping to hear more from this fantastic brand and their products.


1) CLIO Virgin Kiss Lipnicure 007 Tension Red - RM55.90 (now at RM44.90 at Hishop Malaysia)
2)  CLIO VF21 Cushion C.C 001 Pink - RM119.90 (now at RM89.90 on Hishop Malaysia)
3) CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Killblack 001 Black - RM55.90 (now RM45.80 at Hishop Malaysia) 

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  1. love how pigmented and matte the Lipnicure is ^_^

    1. It is - I find it quite a similar texture to the NYX matte ones. Gorgeous color payoff and lasts for up to 4 hours. Not bad for the price and quantity, hehe ^^

  2. i like the lipnicure colour pay off but its so drying and hard to apply evenly! at the end of the day it make my lip look like chaped lip wit colours skin peeling off... mayb its jus me?.? my encounter wit clio did not goes well... so i think i will avoid this brand! even with their pencil eyeliner totally disappointment!

    1. Hey babe! I have pretty dehydrated lips *sad to say* but I wore the color on the whole day and it surprisingly didn't chap. Maybe your lips might be sensitive?

      Best to put a moisturizing balm before applying it :) The color is quite strong admittedly so maybe try distributing it with your finger to get a more even look :) I tried it with the applicator and it was quite good! :) Maybe it's just me,hehe.

      Haven't tried their pencil eyeliner before but is it the gel one? Heard many rave views about it online so was eager to try but now quite sad to know that the color didn't pay off as well as it is suppose to. Owh well on to other pencil liners! :D

  3. WHY ARE YOU ENABLING ME?! I want the lippie and liner!!! I need!

    1. Haha im in love with their lippie too pita! Wished they brought down more colors though >.< Super pigmented and smudge free! <3

  4. those threeee. >_< tempted hahaha.

    1. Hehe kan? I have a major love affair with the lippie now, hehe XD

  5. dangg. i now reallyreally want that lipstain! O:

    1. It is awesome! I found out that Muse by Watsons had the whole collection, going to try and bag the colors before they're sold out!


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