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Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Coloration; Deep Violet Product Review

Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy in the shade 4.9 Deep Violet

So recently I have been having a problem of finding that perfect color for my hair. Nothing too extreme mind you, but I was looking for something more natural and flattering in my case.

I have always given it a thought to dying my hair purple or red even but I have heard some stylists say that the color washes out way too easy after a mere two weeks. I never believed in streaking either, so that was definitely out of the door as well.

What's inside

So when an opportunity arose, I took a chance to try out the new Schwarzkopf hair color in Deep Violet. My first impression of it was that it looked like it had a great vibrant shine but then again, all models on the cover packaging always look so. However as it was ammonia and fragrance free I decided to try my luck with it.

Upon opening the packaging, I noted that it had it's standard application bottle, hair dye, gloves and conditioner but unlike most hair dyes that I have utilized before, it also had a plastic sheet to protect your clothes along with ear caps as well. I found that absolutely brilliant.

One thing to note about Schwarzkopf was that it has always been known for their break through technologies in creating quality and effective hair care, color and styling products for the past 115 years. With regards to the Natural & Easy range, it is the first hair coloration using enhanced natural plant extracts in Malaysia with 100% grey coverage and brilliant shine in just one step.


So what are the natural plant extracts? To be more precise, there are four of them in the Natural & Easy range, which are lychee, wolfberry, polygonum and green tea. Sounds really yummy right? But all kidding aside, this is what gives it's effectiveness in nourishing and producing smooth and healthy shiny hair after coloring.

With regards to the packaging, keep in mind that the bottle is a screw cap, so there is absolutely no need to cut the tip off after you have mixed in the emulsion together with the color. Best to use immediately on the hair after taking the mixture out as the color does set in rather quickly.

My before and after

So as you can see, my hair at the 'Before Section' had already grown out and gone a little streaky but after the coloring process was completed, the color looked extremely amazing. Nothing too vibrant but had just enough of a glossy tint to make me happy.

I was extremely pleased with how it turned out and contrary to popular belief, the hair dye did not get my hair dry at all. I honestly thought that this was going to be an issue as my hair was pretty dry at its end but the conditioner worked it's wonders and I am pleased to say that even after a week, my hair was left soft, shiny and manageable.

Hair color after two weeks

Available in eight vibrant shades (3.0 Dark Brown, 3.68 Hibiscus Mahogany Brown, 4.08 Chestnut Red, 4.57 Coconut Pure Brown, 4.7 Medium Brown, 4.9 Deep Violet, 5.0 Light Brown and 5.05 Golden Light Brown), this Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Coloration retails for RM34.90 per pack.

I honestly look forward to try out more shades when my hair grows out. However in the meantime, to find out more about the product range, kindly head on over to for more information.



  1. Love love love your hair color. Now thinking if I should get my hair done! Hehe muaxx

    1. Hehe you should! It actually tamed my frizziness quite a bit too and now my hair is just so smooth and manageable now :) I'm a happy girl ^^

  2. Looks awesome on you darling.. :D

  3. Gorgeous babe - as always!!! :)


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