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KISS ME Heavy Rotation Liner in Shiny Pink White Review

Okay so let's get down to basics and learn a little bit about that one item in our vanity that a girl can't do without.

It seems to me that eyeliners are one of those essentials that you would often see a girl carrying around in her beauty case but  today we are not going to be focusing on the common black for those upper lids but instead we are going to be looking at a shiny pink white from KISS ME that is absolutely perfect for those looking to achieve those starlet eyes for that hard to apply under-waterlines.

KISS ME Heavy Rotation Liners

First of all, please note this is not a pen shaped applicator like most but instead comes in a rather miniature bottle that has a rather long handle to it. I don't know about you but I enjoy having long handles on my eyeliners as there is more control to the application.

Where and how to apply

Retailing for RM49.90 for 3ml, there are three colors to the KISS ME Heavy Rotation Liners which are 01 Shiny Black, 02 Shiny Brown and 03 Shiny Pink White.


The KISS ME brand has been around for quite awhile now and is particularly quite prominent with it's mascaras and eyeliners. The Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliners are the brand's latest addition and is more popularly known to instantly lights up your eyes with it's highly pigmented glitters.

The Applicator

I adore precision on my eyeliners, so of course the thinness of the eyeliner applicator remains to be one of the important factors for me. Enabling an extremely fine tip, I was quite happy with how much control the applicator gave its user plus the pickup for the color was an equal bonus seeing that it's outcome was pretty impressive as well.

Usually in glitter liners such as these, we would have the constant worry about the liner being to watery or whether the color pickup would be there together with the glitter but for this particular one you can put your mind at ease as this KISS ME Heavy Rotation Liner in Shiny Pink White packs all of it's benefits in one for you.


Upon swatching it at the back of my hand, you can see the color shiny pink white comes out quite well. It takes roughly about thirty seconds to fully dry so remember that if you are applying them to your top lids as well, do keep them closed for that certain amount of time so that it doesn't smudge.


I was pleasantly surprised with the efficiency of the liner and how well it glided on to my lids with ease. If you would like to have your waterline a little bit more natural, you can also blend it out with your liner brush and merge it with another color like what I did with my black liner. It works well on your inner corners as well for a great brightening effect.

I don't know why but I simply adored this look as it made my eyes looked significantly bigger than usual. Plus with the glittery factor added in, it could also pass for a good night out look as well.

In dim light

However, just to be fair to that statement, I also decided to take a snapshot of this look in dim light and as you can see, the color pick up on the shiny pink white was fantastic. I'm trying my hardest not to be bias here but I absolutely love it when my colorful liners can be seen through a simple snapshot; despite the quality being through a camera phone.

In addition to this, the KISS ME Heavy Rotation Liner is also water-resistant, sweat-proof, rub-proof and oil proof so for those of you who have oily lids like me, this is your solution. Fret not though, this eyeliner isn't difficult at all to remove because all you would need is lukewarm water and you're done.


Product               : KISS ME Heavy Rotation Liner in Shiny Pink White
Colors Available  : 01 Shiny Black, 02 Shiny Brown and 03 Shiny Pink White
Price                   : RM 49.90
Quantity              : 3ml
Verdict               : MCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content CreatorMCC: Content Creator

To find out more about this product, kindly head on over to the link below for more information.

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