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Enriching our lives with Eskayvie

Enriching you life with Eskayvie

Think nutrients, supplements and health drinks when you hear about Eskayvie. Enriching the lives of those who enjoy healthy living, Eskayvie is the way to go about maintaining youthful beauty, a sharp mind and great health.

The Itinerary

With our modern culture's type of lifestyle, I would have to say that supplements like these are much needed as things aren't as simple as they were 20 years ago. Nowadays it's best to always get a little boost to keep up our immunity.

With CEO Dr. Syid Ayob

Keeping that in mind, let's take a look at Eskayvie. For those of you who have not heard about Eskayvie, it is a dynamic company that operates in Malaysia that also serves as a strategic hub to expand the business to countries in Asia and the Middle East. Recognized as a competitive brand within health and beauty industries, it is based on bio-technology, innovation that serves to commit to upgrade the quality of health to its customers.

Held at Pullman Hotel, we tucked into the talk of the necessities of nutrient supplements by CEO Dr. Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al-Qudri.

With over 15 years of experience in alternative medicine research that formulated the effective products of Eskayvie, he gave a great presentation on how their two latest products, Eskayvie Redianze and Eskayvie i-Qids can enrich our health, brain and skin.

Eskaybie Redianze

Eskayvie Redianze comes in an orange and white packaging and is a powdered beauty drink that gives off a rather fruity flavor. Containing powerful antioxidants that not only combats free radical in our body, it also gives great collagen as well.

Eskayvie I-Qids

As for the Eskayvie i-Qids ( I love the play on words for this one), it is a chocolate drink that basically gives your creative juices a little boost. Can be taken by both kids and adults, this powdered drink is a great supplement to add into your daily routine.

Showcasing Eskayvie i-Qids

All in all the event was a fun one and I have to say that even though I do take supplements on a daily basis, I never truly understood the need until I heard the talk.

We learnt quite a bit from Dr. Syid and the whole presentation was extremely engaging for us especially the part of fully understanding the reason why the products were formulated to make it beneficial to those whom we cherish and love.

Group Shot 

A big thank you to Eskayvie and The Butterfly Project for this delightful experience and we look forward to hear more about this awesome brand in the near future.

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Eskayvie Contact Number: +603 5511 1050


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