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Duriana Presents A Market In The Skies Bazaar

So it's been quite some time since the last post but let's take it from what everyone was up to this weekend.

If you have read about my previous post regarding Duriana, you would know that it is an online app where anyone and everyone can build a social business platform. It is a space that brings the online shopping experience to a whole new level and also forms a great connectivity between it's users and it's buyers as well.

La Scala ( Picture Courtesy of  Choy Pheng)

Being the fastest growing mobile marketplace in South East Asia since it's inception in late 2013, Duriana has already grown to 400,000 listings spanning across its many types of diverse categories which include pre-loved, home furnishings, fashion and electronics.

Duriana Media Luncheon ( Picture Courtesy of  Choy Pheng)

As we sat down with the app's co-founder Amanda at La Scala, we learnt that the app had recently launched it's latest version with a host of new features that enable better browsing for their users.

As Camilo Paredes; the app's other co-founder was away on business, Amanda gladly shared with us on Duriana's unique selling points which featured a viral social media sharing aspect along with a built-in chat messenger for users to mingle and interact with one another.

The Market Place

Duriana's latest 'Market in the Sky' is it's third addition from it's initial launch and it's last 360 event. More focused towards fashion and styling, this intimate event was held at the rooftop of Italian Restaurant, La Scala, showcasing lovely products by it's 22 vendors.

Champange Pong with James from Vision KL anyone?

From what we have learnt from Amanda during the media session was that there are to be more variants to come, solely focused on the different categories on their Duriana app.

I'm secretly hoping the next one would be on beauty so that we can meet the different vendors and take a look at their products.

With Edmund Kwan from FH Club

This time round, FH Club was the official giveaway sponsors for this fashion bazaar and I have to say that I absolutely love everything that they showcased.

From accessories to authentic branded bags, FH Club's Creative Manager Edmund Kwan also stated that they were going to launch more items in coming months *this time round for men-hint hint* so best keep your eyes pealed on their page.

Accessories Galore

Displaying jewelry, handbags and all things pre-loved and vintage, we stumbled across lovely itemized products that was creatively done and the best of all extremely at an affordable price point. 

Did you see the diamond clutch?

I even saw some fashionable products that were priced as low as RM5. So imagine going home with 4 items and not spending a dollar over RM 20. Absolutely fantastic.

The happy vendors

Communication is key at Duriana so the best part about this event is that you will still be able to correspond with the vendors regarding their products even after the event is done and dusted.

With Amanda

Prided as a community that helps each other, Duriana also aims to aids it's vendors to circulate to a more wider reach to customers who are looking to have more trust in the credibility of their sellers. After all it is a community that helps one another.

Group Shot after the event ( Picture Courtesy of  Choy Pheng)

So if you are looking for more unique shopping experiences with Duriana, you can always head on to their FB page for more updates. Available for both Android and IOS users, it is available to download at .

I guarantee you that it will be a shopping experience you will never forget.



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