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Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider Live in KL

Presenting Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider Live in KL

So who here is a big fan of YouTube megastars Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider? *Raises hand*

Serenading the crowd

Securing their success with 32 million hits on YouTube for their tribute to the late King of Pop Micheal Jackson four years back, this fantastic duo has then landed an appearance on Ellen that plummeted them to instant stardom on a vast international platform.

Popular hit renditions such as "Clarity, Titanium, Mirrors and Don't You Worry Child" followed soon enough and they are now making their way on touring the countries, henceforth their current Asian leg.

Sam Tsui

Having the opportunity to watch Sam and Kurt live was definitely one of those special moments for me. Their opening act was done by our KL songbird Elizabeth Tan and the whole experience sort of made me feel that at least everybody should take a chance and watch her, Sam and Kurt live at least once.

The Crowd

I didn't expect Sam to be so full of energy since I always see him taking on rather chilled songs on his YouTube channel but in retrospect this was a good side that I hadn't seen before as he managed to pull off the energetic sequence quite well.

Another song maybe?

Kurt was a little on the mellow side as he enjoyed his productions from the back (Like I always say, no Kurt, no Sam; hence the fantastic combination) but he did come to the front to entertain his fans with the duo's famous rendition of the 'Cups' song along with their popular mashup "Let It Go/Let Her Go". Credits to Joyce Nxy and Jerrigunn for the lovely videos as my phone's transfer cable decided to disappear on me when I wanted to do the upload.

With off the charts vocals, combined with great harmony and arrangement, this charismatic duo took our KL crowd by storm with their passionate performance. I might be a little bias here seeing that I simply adore acoustic performances but hey how ever they did their fantastic arrangement, they pulled it off pretty well.

Overall the whole experience was *dare I say it* legendary and a big thank you goes out to Manoah and Livescape Asia for this great experience. I'm hoping that Sam and Kurt will make another appearance in KL once again but till then, let's keep our fingers crossed.


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