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Make Up For Ever Aqua Summer 2014 Collection


There are many reasons why all ladies should invest in good waterproof makeup. One is because of our hot humid weather, two; is when you want to look good for that dip in the pool and three; to acquire that flawless long-lasting finish that every woman desires.

The Workshop

Makeup Forever's I LOVE AQUA Collection is a unique water resistant range that is simply perfect for that warm summer ahead. With it's bright vibrant hues and flawless finishing, this collection is greatly suited for all skin types, no matter what type of weather you face.

The Products

Launched slightly ahead of summer, we were invited to a media preview to learn the way how to go about using MAKE UP FOR EVER's new I LOVE AQUA star products.

Play with makeup maybe? 

Essential to pro makeup artists, sports and entertainment figures, the Aqua Collection caters well to those who are on the constant "Go" or have been under strong light a.k.a stage performances of sorts. Think synchronized swimmers, theater actors and Broadway singers.

Made in France

First up in the collection is MAKE UP FOR EVER's latest which is the Aqua Smoky Lash that retails at RM100 for a 7ml tube. Back with it's latest waterproof version for the new AQUA Collection, this new formulation is now tipped with a metallic blue ring around it's lid.

Made in Germany


Back in demand with it's best selling hues, MAKE UP FOR EVER welcomes four new shades for it's Summer Collection 2014. ( #2 Diamond Black, #17 Diamond Grey, #18 Diamond Blue, #19 Diamond Pearly Pink)

Retailing at RM95 per piece for a 1.7ml tube, these Aqua Liners puts in that additional boost that is needed to give that bright and funky aspect by that sunny day out by the pool. Currently the color range has been expanded to 19 shades.

Made in Germany

Bringing five new shades this Summer, MAKE UP FOR EVER welcomes the bold and beautiful into it's folds (21C Cool Candy Pink, 22C Tender Pink, 23C Apricot Pink, 24C Vintage Coral and 25C Orange Red).

Retailing for RM80 at 1.2g, this Aqua Lip can be worn around your lips or even as a whole. Corals and pinks hues are the new ones to this addition and sits on matte upon application.

Made in Italy

The Aqua Rouge on the other hand is a two in one lip product that allows it's user to opt for either a matte or a glossy finish.

Retailing at RM 100 for a 2.5ml quantity on both ends, this highly pigmented combination lippie is completely long-lasting and non-transferable. Latest color addition for it's Summer range is the #03; Light Rosewood.

Made in France
Last but not least is MAKE UP FOR EVER MIST & FIX Setting Spray with 02 Skin Complex.  In all honesty, I love this, though I have to say that it's quite a heavy competition against Urban Decay's Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

Retailed at RM115 for a 125ml bottle, MAKE UP FOR EVER MIST & FIX Setting Spray is a very lightweight seal that is gently sprayed against your face to ensure that your makeup stays on throughout the day.

The Face & Body Foundation

Now this Face & Body Foundation is not  part of the new Summer Collection but I have to absolutely rave about this. This liquid foundation is made out of 80% water and truth to be told I was a little hesitant to try it out as the coverage for this is a light to medium.

Do you love it as much as I do?

However, when I did apply the foundation to my face I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The picture above was taken with a Nikon DSLR and as you can see, the finishing is extremely flawless.

Usually my DSLR tend to pick up even on the smallest of flaws and I was completely amazed that it didn't. Mind you, this was only one light cover of it. If I am not mistaken, this Face & Body Foundation retails about RM165 and it is fantastic for those that enjoy a dewy finish on a daily basis.

Jason Ooi, Education & artistry Executive for MAKE UP FOR EVER applying the Aqua range on Joyce
Let's give it a test run

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Collection was tested out on the gorgeous Joyce to see if it could hold TO it's worth. So A Brand X was applied on the left corner of her eye, where else the Aqua range was applied to the right.

So which side is waterproof?
Kudos to the Aqua Collection for a flawless finish

As you can see, Brand X smeared within seconds of water contact on the face however the Aqua range stayed put as vibrant as ever.No transferability onto the towel as well. Absolutely fantastic.

However word to the wise, it is best not to rub the face roughly for water removal. One can always opt to pat down the water gently with a towel. This is just so that the makeup stays completely intact. After all as smudge-proof as they are, I am sure you wouldn't want to remove them harshly like that anyway.

With our lovely makeup artist Eunice Leong Wai Ling from MUFE

To find out more, you can always head on over to:

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