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Dr. Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution

Doing a mask routine

You would think a mask wouldn't make that much of a difference to the face but when its Dr. Jart+'s Vital Hydra Solution Mask, oh boy you would be in for a pleasant surprise.

Now I have heard a lot of raves for this mask, and the reason for the highlight is because this particular mask is specifically designed and inspired by cosmetic procedures, providing intensive care in a short period of time without the cost, pain or intrusiveness of Botox and laser treatment. It is also meant to deeply hydrate, replenish and protect the skin's own moisture.

Dr.Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution

The Vital Hydra Solution Mask by Dr.Jart+

So how is it different from the rest? Well there are some masks out there that do maintain moisture within the skin barrier but more often than not it does not really penetrate into the skin and only works on the surface; which in a way means that it does take much longer with consistent usage to see a difference.

Taking it out of the sachet
No drippy mess

However with the Dr.Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution, the pack is made of fine cellulose fiber where the mask allows pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and moisturizing ingredients for an ultimate hydration therapy. 

It's quite a big mask

Oligo, hyaluronic acid and algae extract are also some of the ingredients found within that supports long lasting moisturization while strengthening the skin with hydration too, so this way the improvement on the skin is almost near to immediate.

Application on the face
After 20 minutes

In terms of how it works, this mask is no different from the rest, where the first you would need to cleanse and apply a toner of choice, pat the face dry, then open the packaging and peel off the double layer to discard the film liner and simply apply the mask, adjusting it around the eye and mouth.

Taking it out
Clean and glowy skin

There is no drippy mess with this so in terms of the product wasting out, you would not need to worry. Next you would need to leave it on for a good 10-20 minutes - so grab a good book and read and once you are done, you can remove the mask and gently pat down the remaining serum until it is fully absorbed.

End results

Taking a look at the difference after 20 minutes sure was mesmerizing. I swear I could not stop looking in the mirror after doing this. The before and after snap is quite a clear indication too as you can see that there is a boost of radiance, hydration and suppleness to the skin as well.

Other variations you can choose from

Now in terms of its product retail, I can tell you that it is not cheap as it come at RM89 for each piece (there are different variations too), but with impressive results as seen from the above, it is definitely worth stoking up on. In the meantime, for more details on the mask and the range from Dr.Jart+, you can head on to their Official Facebook Page and Website for further information.



  1. I like to use mask.. yet to try this out.. Looks good!

  2. Oh dear. At RM89 each, it is definitely too luxurious for me. Let me wait till I feel rich enough to splurge on it.

  3. How come your background is always beautiful? Do you have a featured wall or is that a make-shift backdrop?
    That's totally out of the topic hahaha

    Am also crazy about masks and uses a lot from Skinfood. Gonna look for Dr Jart's too since you gave a great comment about it.

  4. Woah, RM89 for one piece? I think that is quite expensive >.<

  5. Looks like a good mask. Want to try too.

  6. more masks for my beautiful face.. ahhhh, put every night, i'm so gonna be pretty

  7. I like to use mask, enjoy the feeling after peel it off, will check out this brand :)

  8. I've tried Dr.Jart+ before, it really does give a very good hydration for skin.

  9. Never tried this before it it looks pretty amazing...

  10. I love this mask too! Very nice to use and result is quite obvious

  11. I like their masks also, its very hydrating.


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