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Lacoste Customization Asia Tour | Fall Winter 2016 Collection


On the Lacoste Customization Asia Tour

Having a personalized service from Lacoste always makes for an exceptional gift, and when it is built on the unconditional respect for the traditional French 'savoir-faire' together with the association of a talented French gilder craftsman, its all for the better.

At the preview at Pavilion
Some of the items in store

So following by a rather successful event last year, Lacoste invites customers to have all things classic stylishly personalized just in time for the holiday season,  thus travelling from and to Malaysia and another six other countries from the 1st till the 30th of October 2016, one of France's top gilder artisans will be demonstrating the meticulous gold foil application and leather gilding process.

A Personalized Service from Lacoste

The Craftsman | Pascal Anger
The Customization

In the above picture we see Craftman Pascal Anger demonstrate the stamping service. This of course appends to the initials of your choice onto your Lacoste leather Chantaco handbag or small leather goods, for an elegant and truly personal gift. You can also choose an unique French logo as well to go along with it, and a favorite here that most lean towards is the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Some of the handbag choices
On footwear and apparels

Now this will only be in selected boutiques across the seven Asian countries, so if you would like to add a personalized French-inspired touch of elegance to a large selection of premium leather items, you can do that as well.

Lacoste Fall | Winter 2016 Collection

The Range

In terms of the latest range in Lacoste, it channels the iconic French heritage style into modern, wearable every day and occasion wear and since its inspired by the lush, sleek and immaculately manicured golf course which served as a long-time playground of Rene Lacoste and his champion golfing wife, the Chantaco line comprises a collection of leather goods that is imbues with the sport's bygone elegance, tailored for the adventures of the modern world.

The Chantaco Bags

So with the brand's ageless style combining authentic French craftsmanship, the final flourish makes the range to be an exceptional gift for your loved one but in the meantime, for further details on the Customization Asia Tour or the Fall/ Winter Collection, you can visit Lacoste's Official Website for more information.



  1. Personalized service from Lacoste sounds awesome!!! Didn't know Lacoste would offer such service. So thoughtful! Will check for my dad's present soon

  2. Love their quality, Lacoste is really a value for money brand :)

  3. They have great design and a lotttt of options. Would mind spend a little bit for myself there :D :D

  4. I can never have enough of bags. Always have liked customised items. This is one bag I really would like to have. Now, which should I choose?

  5. Love Lacoste, their designs are so sporty, yet chic! Not to mention the fine quality of its products too

  6. Great collection. Love to try out the personalised service some day.

  7. The quality of Lacoste is the best! I love their personalised craftman service, definitely need to try out some day =D

  8. Lacoste stuff has good a really good and long lasting product quality.

  9. Wow... Lacoste has a personalised service too? Will check it out... looks great!!!

  10. too many bags with the same old designs nowadays... it's getting kinds boring actually... i wish these brands could come up with something more unique...

  11. what?? Lacoste have personalised service?? never hear about it till now! that's awesome! by the way, i like the winter collection!!

  12. wow....locaste got personalised service!!!Great to hear that!!!

  13. They personalised too? Wow! great news.

  14. Personalized service seems to be cool addition to Lacoste. I do have some clothes and accessories of this brand.

  15. their bag designs looks very sleek...i think the most i remember about this brand is their colour coded display lols...nvr really paid attention till now....

  16. Love their handbags alot, great quality

  17. lacoste? me likey.. only own a couple of crocodile clothes, close enough. hehe

  18. Love the minimal and sleek design of their collection. Can surely look into their personalised service

  19. i love the shoesssss, smart casual, i should buy for my husband. worth money becaue Lacoste has really good product quality.

  20. Just know that Lacoste has their own personalized service. I love the winter collection.


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