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Old Navy opens its first store at One Utama, Malaysia

The Shopping Experience at Old Navy

There has been a lot of hype about Old Navy opening up it's very first store in Malaysia at One Utama, and with the overwhelming response from the crowd to which we witnessed to yesterday, the vibe was certainly a testament to that. Located beside the main concourse of One Utama's revamped old wing, the iconic American brand boosts incredible fashion pieces at a value and has a wide spread range of sizes for both the adults and children alike.

The Opening of Old Navy

The grand opening for the store

With their retail outlet spanning over 800 square meters, there were certainly plenty of choices to choose from; and with Old Navy's latest store design to match with their apparel and accessories collections for men, women, kids and babies, from casual to athletic wear, the effect was definitely there to mirror that aspect. There were also stunning pieces from its Fall 2016 line (The Fall Explorer, Boy Meets Girl and The Great Outdoors) as well where shoppers could have a look at too.

The Men's Collection
Grand Opening Promotion

Now with that being said we should also mention on their opening promotion which will be until this Monday (3rd of October); where customers would get a RM60 rebate when spending RM200 storewide. This applies to any item of course, and as long as the amount is within one transaction, you are good to go.

Opening Promotion (September 30th to October 3rd 2016)

  • All shoppers on the opening weekend will receive a RM60 back with a minimum spend of RM200.

Women's Apparels
The array of clothing

With this being the seventh franchise market expansion for Old Navy, the brand's move into Southeast Asia builds on the success that GAP and Banana Republic have experienced since entering the market in 2007. Plus since Old Navy makes current American fashion essentials accessible for every family with the focus on fashion, family, fun and value, it is also extremely relatable to its customers as well.

Affordable and extremely comfortable hoodies

In the meantime, for more details on Old Navy, you can follow the brand on their Official Website and Facebook Page but as for now, do pop by for a weekend visit to have a look at their store as well as enjoying their opening promotion rebate.

As mentioned above, this will only be up till the 3rd of October 2016, so if you do find any fashion pieces that you enjoy, then it would be time to add another great essential into your wardrobe.



  1. Oh wow, 60 off if purchase over 200! That's quite a lot of discount! Must hang out with friends to check out at Navy!

  2. the shoes love beautiful. i will check out that

  3. They really have nice design. would definitely check them out later

  4. I see a lot of things that I'd buy! heheheheh especially those boots! So gorgeous!

  5. Really love the Old Navy brand for a long time already. Looking forward to visit their outlet at 1U soon.

  6. eh nice clothings. old navy eh, does look very blue-ish :) will check it out.

  7. I like the hoodles. Looks comfortable and styling.

  8. Oh my god, where is this? I want to go shopping now!

  9. Good deal for a good brand! I loved those boots.

  10. Eye on Boots! I need to get one of those! I never heard of Old Navy store before, definitely need to check it out when I am at One Utama =D

  11. nice clothes! will definitely check out the brand.

  12. Finally Old Navy comes to Malaysia... I have always heard and seen a lot of it in US.... now it is here yaaayyy... so going to check it out

  13. Love the boots! Cant wait to visit their outlet!

  14. Wow so lucky!!! I like old navy stuffs for their prices and quality! I hope the prices in store are competitive as online

  15. Like their designs, comfort and stylish, will check out the store soon :)

  16. i plan to go there have a look ! Wanna try out some of their outfit !

  17. Saw the store opened when I was at 1U the other day, didnt have the time to check it out yet tho :o


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