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The Body Shop New Superfood Masks | The Elixirs of Nature

The display of the new Superfood Masks by The Body Shop

Have you ever heard of a 5 minute facial mask? Well, to be honest neither have we, that was up till yesterday where we experienced the latest Superfood Masks from The Body Shop. Being highly spoken about by most, these five masks are raved about for being 100% vegetarian and thus, are packed with natural ingredients which are formulated without parabens, paraffins, silicone and mineral oils.

With that being said, , each of these mask recipes do mantain to the standards of healthy living and are inspired by traditional beauty remedies from all around the world; so whether its in the form of purifying to nourishing, it would help the skin look and feel as good as you do from the inside too.

The Body Shop Superfood Masks 
Launching November 2016

The 5 masks

So let's get to the low down of each of these masks and on how they work to treat the skin. Targeted to suit specific skin needs, each of these masks were created for certain preferences from dry, oily, combination and sensitive.

This defers in textures of course, and while we all have a general skin type as well, there are also some areas of the face that might have very different needs. So resulting in a form of multi tasking (or mixing 2-3 of the facial ranges on certain parts), application through this form would give your skin the optimum effect as well.


Now as can be seen from above, the formulation for each of these are pretty different, so in terms to receiving the best possible outcome that you can from each, it would be best to opt to your preference and skin needs, or simply switch through them about once or twice during the week.

The Body Shop Superfood Masks Details: (Retail at RM99 each)

  • Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask | Brighten:
    • Skin appears brighter, revitalized, velvety smooth and pores are minimized.

  • British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask | Hydrate:
    • Replenish moisture, leave the skin feeling ultra smooth, soft and toned.

  • Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask | Nourish:
    • Deeply nourishes the skin and replenishes moisture, leaving the skin supple and rested.

  • Amazonian Acai Energizing Radiance Mask | Energize:
    • Skin appears revived and energized, visibly smoother and boosted with radiance.

  • Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask | Detoxify:
    • Skin is deeply cleanse, clean, and is free of clogged pores while leaving the skin smooth and glowing right after.

The Himalayan Charcoal
The Ethopian Honey

However, as mentioned above, there is also the option of multi-tasking too, so you can certainly distribute a nice amount to targeted areas, and this way you will be able to save some time and exfoliate the masks off easily, without having to go through a certain duration to sit through two separate sessions.

A personal favorite mix is using the Himalayan Charcoal (purifying) and Ethopian Honey (nourishing) together to get a nice moisturized and glow effect.

The Elixirs of Nature
Launching November 2016

The Five Fragrances

Now for all of you who love fragrances on the other hand, we would like to make a highlight on five of the new The Body Shop's rare scents (The Elixirs of Nature) which were found to be quite of interest.

You see, while the collection serves to be an authentic interpretation of some of the planet's most precious and natural scents, what makes this particular line truly special is that these eau de parfums holds on to a single note instead of three, hence making it more long-lasting to have no change in scent once its applied on.

The names

This is pretty much an iconic chapter that captivates the cruelty free term for The Body Shop for its fragrances, and with each illusive botanical being distilled without harm using a non-destructive technology called headspace technology, you can certainly see the care and commitment that the brand is into as a part of its Enrich Not Exploit Commitment as well.

The Body Shop Elixirs of Nature Collection

  • Widdringtonia:  From the aromatic cedar tree in Cederberg Mountains in South Africa
  • Nigritella: A rare bloom of an oriental orchid in the Eastern Alps
  • Bowhanti: A spicy wood found in Kamp Parakou in the Amazon Rainforest
  • Kahaia: White floral flowers from Bora Bora, Polynesia that have a hypnotic scent that only releases at night.
  • Swietenia: The fresh mahogany flower found in Bangalore Southern India

A light scent

In terms of a favorite amongst the five ,we have here Widdringtonia, a soft woody note which when applied on, can give its user a beautiful whiff of a powdery scent that is rather subtle but lingering. You can layer on a moisturizer cream as a base for the fragrance to last for up to 24 hours but on its own, this particular one is quite stunning.

In the meantime, for further details on the Superfood Mask range and the Elixirs of Nature collection, you can check out The Body Shop's Official Facebook Page for more information. The Body Shop is also having amazing deals on their Website at the moment that go up to 70%, so do remember to check that one out as well.



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  4. Loving the new mask by Body Shop. Managed to get a tub for myself, and the aroma was the perfect key to a relaxing weekend.

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  8. The Ethopian Honey mask is good and smell nice. Texture a bit thicker but the mask effect is good.


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