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Melvita Argan Oil

Melvita's Argan Oil

With concentrated Vitamin E and richness in omega, the Melvita Huile d'Argan is probably one of the most versatile beauty products to have around that works for your face, hair and body.

Primarily raved due to its benefits for the skin, this one in particular worked wonders for the hair and with perks of having regenerating and having anti-aging properties, it also helps assist in cuticle care where it comforts cracked and damaged nails.

Melvita Huile d'Argan | Argan Oil 

The Packaging

Being able to experience it over the past two months was certainly a delight where the benefits of its discovery had no bounds, but once it was more thoroughly explored that it worked fairly well for damaged hair ends and faint spotting marks on the face, it became a weekly regulation that was immediately implemented into a daily routine.

The texture

You see, beauty oils are more commonly known on protecting textures on your skin and traditionally if used once or twice a week, you would be able to see good results. Of course, depending on your skin type, there could be an extended use on this too, so sometimes it might take more than a month or so to see the difference.

Application on both the hair and skin

As for pairings, the Melvita Argan Oil can be used with the brand's Floral Water for deeper penetration and if you enjoy waking up to softer and smoother skin, then it would be best to apply both of them at night, head to bed to wake up with a more youthful and radiant appearance. 

Melvita Argan Oil Product Detail:

  • Pros: Versatile usage, fades marks, gives the hair lustrus and healthy locks and is 100% organic.
  • Cons: None
  • Retail: RM138 | 50ml
  • Availability: Melvita outlets
A Closer Look

Now in terms of a price point, Melvita is extremely affordable and seeing that it is 100% organic, this bottle of Argan Oil retails at only RM138 for 50ml. You can get it at any Melvita outlets but in the meantime, for further details and updates, you can head on over to their Official Facebook Page and Website for more details.



  1. This looks really promising, especially since you said there wasn't any cons despite it being oil base. my hair would appreciate this oil very well..hehhehe

  2. I think I need to get this.. my current bottle of argan oil is finishing and my hair desperately needs argan oil to look more healthy sleek and shiny.....thanks for the recommendation

  3. can be used for the face, hair and skin? now here's one very versatile product!

  4. I love their organic argan oil, really moisturizing.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful information provided here on Argan oil!

    Argan oil is a wonderful oil with lot of health benefits. I have been using it for the past 10 months and I am seeing wonderful improvement to my Skin, Nail and Hair. I have also received compliments that I am starting to look younger!

    I usually go for a leave on treatment.

    Here is my daily Argan oil treatment regime.

    1. I clean my face with warm water.
    2. I apply a couple of drops of argan oil to my palms and gently warm it by rubbing my palms together.
    3. Then I massage it over my face and neck area using circular motion.
    4. I leave it overnight as Argan oil is easily absorbed and does not make my skin feel oily or messy.

    I definitely recommend that everybody use argan oil for its obvious benefits!



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