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Gobdigoun Placenta Power Aging Eye Cream

The Gobdigoun Placenta Power Aging Eye Cream

Something new has come across the desk recently and since it has been awhile since we last made a review on luxury skincare, let's have our very first look at Gobdigoun. Hailing all the way from Korea, the first thing that you would need to know about this brand is that it is amongst one of of the more popular selling brands in Korea when it comes to mid to high tier luxury skincare.

Depending on your skin condition, there are many ranges provided within Gobdigoun itself, but the one that thoroughly impressed throughout its usage was the Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream, which came to be very effective in terms of decreasing anti-aging lines, eye bags and underlying wrinkles.

Gobdigoun Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream

The product and its refill

Of course seeing is believing, so let's have a look at its results first. This was used throughout the duration of 3 weeks and as you can see, the anti-aging lines and darkness at the bottom of the eyes have slowly been reduced. This of course came after continuous usage with just one application at night, after cleansing just before bedtime.

On Application

However, what makes the results of the product so efficient is its main ingredient which is the nutritious placental protein that is refined from the Australian Ovine (Sheep). With its elements containing natural amino acids, active peptide vitamins, enzyme and minerals, this leads the Eye Cream to provide ample blood circulation, hydration and elasticity to the targeted area; with results showing up in less than 5 minutes.

Gobdigoun Placenta Power Aging Eye Cream:

  • Pros: Hydrating, decreases fine lines and does not leave residue. Comes with a refill pack and is very effective.
  • Cons: None
  • Retail: KRW$100,000 | RM 373.14
  • Rating: 5/5

The Texture
Immediate effect after the formulation dries down

Now obviously we wouldn't have to mention how luxurious the packaging is, but from the outside, the design is basically a win-win situation where it matches well to the impressive effect of Gobdigoun's Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream. The formulation is also gel-based which is great, especially when it does not leave a sticky residue right after.

So with this being said, this Eye Cream from Gobdigoun certainly leaves an impression and if you take your skincare routine very seriously, then this one would be a good investment for you in the long run.

Overall Thoughts

Placenta skincare products have been stocking up shelves in the beauty market recently as well, so try not to be too afraid to give them a go as the results may actually surprise you. However if you would like to take a look at more of their skincare ranges, you can click on their Official Facebook Page and Website to receive more updates.



  1. wow look at this. its interesting first time to know this brand :D

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  3. Super high rating! hehehhe glad it showed positive results for you dear..

  4. Love the packaging! Look so glam and luxury! Would def love to try it one day too

  5. The anti aging eye cream looks good on you. Will give it a try too since I had some wrinkles now.

  6. the packaging looks so classy... head about it but the name is so hard to pronounce... hahaha.....

  7. pretty pretty, even without makeup. eh wait, did i mention this before last time? :D.. good product sharing.

  8. the product look so luxury but i still afraid of placenta used..


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