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The Nescafe Gold Barista

Enjoying my morning coffee

Having a soft spot for coffee throughout all these years, you could say that I know my caffeine intake pretty well. Plus with my schedule being pretty hectic throughout the day, a quick coffee kick truly does soothe my nerves and enables me to keep focused on what I do.

Now whilst enjoying a fresh brew by my side has always been a good thing, I find that whenever I am at home jonesing for one, I sometimes find it hard to drag myself away from my train of thoughts to actually go make myself a cup, let alone find all my favorite mixes to do it. So after surfing the web for awhile, I came across the Nescafe Gold Barista. After seeing the tons of rave alerts online, it had definitely caught my attention.

The Nescafe Gold Barista

The Nescafe Gold Barista unboxing

So as you saw from the unboxing post on Facebook, we took a clear look at the machine and all that it comes with. But let me guide you through the key features of this machine.

The One Touch System
Showcasing the 5 types of coffee made

Now the first thing that you will probably notice from the unboxing is that this is not a massively huge coffee system. It is pretty space efficient for a coffee maker and with a touch of a single button, it can make your coffee into five different variations with no capsules required (Expresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Lungo and Latte), depending of course on your preference.

A Closer Look at the Machine

As for how the one touch system works, the first thing that you would need to do is to ensure that you are using only the Nescafe Gold Blend, as it is specifically freeze dried and designed to suit the machine. These high quality beans are then inserted into the air tight coffee box and then by adding fresh water into the tank, you can thus begin cafe coffee experience.

On the Nescafe Gold Blend

However, before beginning anything, it would be good to rinse out the machine first, so what would be suggested is to refill the water tank with drinking water, turn on the machine by pressing the on button and wait for the Espresso Light to switch to green.

Once you have a 60ml cup ready, click on the Espresso Light to dispense all the water out until it stops and once complete, all lights will then switch to green to show you that your machine is now ready for use.

The aromatic roasted coffee beans
A Closer Look

Plus if you all have taken a whiff of the Nescafe Gold Blend, that aromatic fragrance on its own can metaphorically take you to heaven and back. And with its premium blend of soluble coffee with added micronized roast and grown coffee, it is certainly quite unique to give a go at, if you appreciate coffee like how I do.

The Full Look Unboxed

At the end of the day, the trusted familiarity of having a good cup of Nescafe in the morning truly does appeal to me, and having being a rather enthusiastic Nescafe patron for a quite a number of years now, I can certainly say that this machine truly does put things over the top in terms of the experience of how I would like to savor my cuppa.

In the long run, I am certainly looking forward to see how this goes over when I have my friends and family down for the upcoming festivities, and seeing as most of them are coffee drinkers as well, I can't wait to see their expressions too.

The anticipation to experience

In the meantime, for more details on the product, you can certainly check out their Official Website and Facebook Page, plus if you are on Twitter, you can follow them on their Main Twitter Handle as well. There are also great YouTube videos to show how the Nescafe Barista can be used as well, so for that, you can also hit them up on their YouTube channel as well.



  1. The coffee machine looks so luxury ! It's really convenient if having one at home !

  2. What a nifty little coffee brewing machine this is. I am not a coffee lover or I would definitely purchase it. It would look lovely on my kitchen counter.

  3. Looks like a perfect gift. I know what im gifting myself this deepavali. Where can you buy it?


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