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Experiencing Da Nang City in Vietnam | Part 1

Enjoying Da Nang City Vietnam

I have always admired how beautiful Vietnam has grown to be, and by viewing this destination through multiple books and amazing photographic visuals, it is clearly seen that all of its rich heritage comes from its depth of culture, simplistic lifestyles, beautiful structures, the generation of family values and amazing authentic cuisines.

Having the chance to experience the magnitude of this however is slightly greater, for until you actually gone through the joy of actually being there, will you then be able to fully appreciate and take in the wonder that this beautiful city can give to you.

Heading to Da Nang |Air Asia Self Check In Kiosk

Flying with Air Asia

Flying from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Da Nang (DAD) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday four times a week, Air Asia has a 2 hour and 35 minute direct route to the destination. Fly Thru connections to Da Nang is also available for all passengers who are flying from Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, Jakarta, Guangzhou and Auckland too.

The Self Check In Kiosk

In terms of the check in process, you can always do the AirAsia Self Check In Kiosk where you can scan your confirmation email and passport with the machine to receive your boarding passes and baggage tags. There is a maximum of two tags per person, so once that is done you can proceed to depart.

Additional Tips:

  • Upon arrival to Da Nang, get a local SIM Card. You can get one at the entrance of the airport where 4GB of Data at Vinaphone is only at VND 120,000 (USD 6). This is good enough for a 4 days 3 nights trip.

  • However if you are there for a longer duration period, you can also opt for unlimited data with Viettel at VND 200,000 (USD 10)

Visiting Marble Mountains
(Entrance Fee: VND 15,000 per pac (USD 0.70 / RM3)

The Dong Van Thong Cave | A limestone cave where the God statues are placed

So our first pit stop after checking into our hotel (Serene Hotel) was a place called Marble Mountains. Located just off the China Beach coastal road, Marble Mountains (or more popularly known as Ngu Hanh Son) consists of five impressive marble outcrops topped with pagodas.

Now walking along the mountains was a lovely experience, but it would be best recommended to head there early in the morning around 7-730 am, bring along a good pair of walking shoes (especially one that has a solid grip), sunblock, an umbrella in case in rains and a bottle of water. You can always carry all of these in a backpack of course, but if you are looking for a lighter load, a good pair of shoes would be all you need to walk up and down the marble-made lanes.

Walking up the marble stairs
Within the caves

Nonetheless, if you are the type who is interested in cultural sites, then this location would certainly peak your interest for each mountain is named for the natural element its said to represent: Thuy Son (Water), Moc Son (Wood), Hoa Son (Fire), Kim Son (Metal or Gold) and Tho Son (Earth). You would also find that around the caves are beautiful Buddhist and Confucian shines which are spectacular sights to behold.

How To | Tips:

  • Upon arrival at the location, there is a ticketing counter on the ground level where you can pay the entrance fees.
  • You can also use the Thang May Elavator (you can't miss locating this) to reach up to the middle of the mountain as well to take a look at the sights)

Locating Local Cuisines
(Mi Quang Ech | Hải Châu District)

Having lunch at Mi Quang Ech

As for finding good places that have authentic local food, we explored Mi Quang Ech which is known for its flat rice noodle soup with a pork-based tangy broth.This popular dish goes for only VND 59,000 (USD 3) that can be shared up to 2-3 pax, where else an individual serving only would go up to less than USD 1.

Within the restaurant
The flat rice noodle soup

Seeing as we were trying the course out for the first time, the dish had an amazing sweet sauce that was served together with roasted peanuts, fresh herbs and sesame rice crackers. You have the option of having the dish presented with chicken or having it mixed with pork shrimp and frog.

Making the Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Once Completed

You also have other choices as well such as the Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls that has thick slices of pork filling. This dish is prepared in a DIY portion, where the assortments would be put together with a transparent spring roll skin to be enjoyed to the fullest with a hearty bite.

The Corn Milk

A must try item out of the menu though would be the Corn Milk that is priced at VND 15,000/ USD 0.70. This is an extremely refreshing drink and contrary to its name, the consistency here is found to be very light and creamy and is especially good to have on a really hot day.

(San Ho Restaurant | Sơn Trà)

At San Ho Restaurant

Another venue for a taste of local delicacies would be the San Ho Restaurant. This place does lovely seafood dishes and while its business hours are usually from 7am till 10pm, a recommended time would be to go in the evening to night for a more relaxed atmosphere.

The favored dish

A favorite amongst the array of dishes served here was the above prawn dish which was deep fried with herbs to perfection. If you enjoy tasteful serves, then it would be highly recommended to go for this one for the plating was extremely flavorful, succulent and tasty.

Walking along the Dragon Bridge

Later on, we took a nice long walk along the picturesque town center where the Dragon Bridge was located. This setting is best viewed at night and if you are along the walkway during the weekend at 9pm, do not forget to watch the 66 meter long bridge breathe fire and rhythmically dish water out too. It really is quite a spectacular sight to see and with the city being illuminated by amazing lights, it is certainly quite a feat to enjoy.

The underground walkway to the Dragon Bridge

In the meantime, there will be more updates coming up on the other beautiful locations in Da Nang such as Ba Na Hill French Village and Hoi An Ancient City. These two are must visit destinations in Vietnam, especially if you are going there with your family or in a group, so do remember to stay tuned for that.



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