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All you need to know about Spa Ceylon


The Set Up | Picture Credit: Caroline Ng

Having heard about Spa Ceylon when we were out and about in Sri Lanka, we were delighted to hear that the brand had brought its fourth outlet to Taman Danau Desa.

This locale featured their luxurious and vast selection of their products; and having heard about how amazing their selections were in the past (especially on their Lemongrass Range), we went to take a look oat each of the products fine and natural formulation; whether in treatment oils or even in relieving balms.

The Range of Products | Picture Credit: Caroline Ng

Now Spa Ceylon is a brand that creates a range of royal spa rituals and their products are solely focused on relaxation; both spiritually and physically. Soothing to calm and relax with rich herbs and essential oils, their selections have gone from traditional to modern and have now been repackaged to represent a present day charm and without a doubt, their representation has certainly not gone unnoticed.

So with regards to this place; you know how when people say you feel in utmost tranquility and relaxation after you step into a spa? Well this place is filled with such comforting scents that can make you feel at such ease; and even though it is a small space, the feature of each array are organized very well for display.

The Sleep Therapy & Roll-on Balms | Picture Credit: Caroline Ng

However now is the time to talk about their products. Giving a quick breakdown, let's group them in 5 categories to make it easier; which are the Sleep Therapy, De-Stress, Foot Therapy, Hair Treatment Oils and Pain Relieving Balms. So within each range we have about 4-6 products each; ranging from bath & shower gels,  body mists, massage oils, creams and more. Below are some of them for reference.

Sleep Therapy Products (Relaxation and Deep Restful Sleep):
  • Bath & Shower Gel, Bath & Massage Oil, Hand & Body Milk, Sleep Hydrating Butter, Sleep Bath Soak, Sleep Body & Pillow Spray and Sleep Calming Balm.

Lemongrass Products (Peace and Tranquility):
  • Bath & Shower Gel, Bath & Massage Oil, Peace Hand & Body Lotion, Massage Balm and Relaxing Body Mist

Foot Therapy (Revitalize and Smoothen):
  • Green Mint Foot Range

Overall Thoughts | Picture Credit: Caroline Ng

From all of the above, the one selection that certainly took us by surprise was the Sleep Therapy Range and this was because the fragrance was extremely calming. Two personal favorites are the cleansing bar and the Body & Pillow Mist which worked like a charm, especially when you are trying your best to get to sleep after a long day.

In the meantime, if you would like to take a look or even give a go at Spa Ceylon Products, you can also visit their stores at Metrojaya Midvalley, Nu Sentral Mall, Freeport A Famosa Malacca and Danau Business Centre. For more details and information on a specific product, you can also shop online on their Official Website or follow them on Facebook for further updates.



  1. Wow! Never heard of this brand before would love to dropby the nearest outlet to check out their spa series! :)

  2. i would love the foot therapy after years of walking steps :D

  3. Gosh seriously need a spa pampering session. Great that they are expanding!

  4. Nice! Thanks to your post, now I have more gift ideas. It's always gives me a headache when it's gifting time. Now I know where I can turn to for ideas on gifts which my friends will look forward to :-D

  5. the sleep therapy products seems great! My mom used to have insomnia. Will check them out soonest!

  6. Ahh... looking forward a nice relaxing spa now, work life was a bit hectic recently >.<

  7. wow thats alot of soul comforting products there! :D would love to try them out too

  8. I love to do spa a lot! Thanks for sharing this dear. Will check it out soon. =D

  9. I want Sleep Therapy! been busy with work really make me stress and less sleep. Huhu

  10. First time heard about this spa ceylon .Look forward to see this more

  11. initially thought this is some massage centre at ceylon KL :).. product looks nice with sophisticated colours

  12. Sleep therapy range looks interesting, i think i will buy that as gift for my friend who always have sleeping problem. thanks for recommending this.

  13. Wow looks like a cool product where we can enjoy spa at home as well =D I think I need Sleep Therapy Product to help me have a deep sleep through out the night.

  14. I Love spa! Will try Ceylon series in future, thanks.

  15. Really want to go and try a spa sometimes soon but still undecided on which one. Perhaps gonna try Spa Ceylon.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ceylon Tea I love to drink. The other goodies from Ceylon also look awesome.

  17. Wow, I dont know about sleep therapy get in the spa ceylon. I think need one.. :D

  18. Sounds not bad to me about this product. Would be awesome to having such relaxing and smoothing feel after using.

  19. Havent heard of this before, will check it out at their nearest outlet soon!

  20. I like the video you are posted here. Great sharing. Thanks!!!

  21. Really nice post... appereciated.


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