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Grooming you nails with Scholl's Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System

Scholl's Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System

Usually when you have your nails long and sharp, most of the time you would try to coat on layers and layers of nail strengthener just to ensure that they are of symmetry and don't break.

Some prefer the personal reference to file it down and keep it well groomed but if you don't get the right nail filer to do that job, let me be the one to tell you that your nails might have a tough time to ensure that they are kept strong and that their layers don't thin too much.

The interchangeable heads

Nonetheless with the advancement of technology, Scholl has come up with something that is just right for that knack; an Electronic Nail Care System that can file, buff and make your nails shine without much of a hassle. So without further ado, let's have a look at what you would need to do.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System
Retail: RM135.20

The Device
When Switching

So our first step here is to locate the four items within the pack. You will get 3 interchangeable nail care heads to file, buff and shine your nails labeled 1,2 and 3, 1 nail care device cap, 1 AA Battery and 1 unit of the electronic nail care device. Now the instructions are pretty simple, but just for reference we will have them listed down below as well.

The heads are marked 1,2 and 3 from above
First step: File

Step 1: Take the first interchangeable head (1-dark blue) and lock it on to the electronic nail care device. Know you desired nail shape at hand (round, sharp, square or more) and file the nails to your desired shape.

Step 2: Once you are done, its time to even out the imperfect edges so switch the buff head to (2-light blue) to smoothen out the nail surface.

Step 3: Once all 10 nails have been well buffed and shaped, change the head to (3-white) and gently go around the surface of the nail. You will see a healthy shine and glow on the surface once you are done.

Second Step:  Buff
3rd Step: Shine

Overall, the use of Scholl's Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System is very straightforward and as can be seen, it is also extremely user friendly. Filing nails has certainly never been easier unlike our usual manual use of the standard buffer block and having this battery operated, the function of the product is indeed seamless.

Before Use: Uneven Nails & No Shine
After Use: Lustrous shine and even nails

Other than that, it is definitely very pleasing to see that the interchangeable heads allows for a precise use for both hands and feet, and with this going into all areas without damaging the surrounding skin, it is a spectacular aspect for all users (with all types of nails : brittle, dry, thin and more) as well. On another good note, Scholl also has replacement heads available for purchase at RM29.90 when the original three have worn down, so that is excellent too.

Product Details:

Retail: Set (RM135.20) , Replacement heads: RM29.90
Availability: Watsons, Lazada, Tesco, Guardian, 11Street and more

Overall Thoughts

In the meantime, for more details on the product, you can head over to Scholl's Official Website for further details, but in the meantime for updates, you can also check out their Facebook Page as well.



  1. I have this one at home. Really convenient and save time :)

  2. Great device to protect our nail. Will get 1 to try it out.

  3. Wow, now we even need a device to groom our nails. I am still using the conventional nail clipper, which surprisingly can last for years!

  4. Pheewittt! Beautiful nails.
    Will recommend the product to my sisters - their nails are literally scary! Hehe

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  6. Yay I love this too. Already restock the heads hehehe

  7. I really should get one of this so my nails look more polished and shiny

  8. i love using this...i wish there is one more type of file just 1 level finier than the first step...

  9. Great set. Time to start take cares of those nails with this.

  10. I read so many positive reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)


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