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Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palettes

On Sleek Makeup's Highlighting Palettes

Now its time to talk about the highlighting palettes that have been taking the beauty world by storm and we have none other than all three Sleek Makeup palettes here for full review. Below you will find pictures of the products, their packaging, swatches and more, but first let's have a closer look at each one and break them down one by one.

Sleek Makeup Palette in Solstice

The Front
The Back

First of all, doesn't the name Solstice intrigue you? Well, the Solstice palette comes in a rose gold packaging casing 4 shades, two baked powders (Hemisphere and Equinox), one luxurious cream (Ecliptic) formula and one silky shimmer powder (Subsolar).

The Four Shades(From Top Right to Bottom Right: Subsolar, Equinox, Hemisphere and Ecliptic )
(From Left to Right: Subsolar, Equinox, Hemisphere and Ecliptic )

These four have great pigmentation, fantastic blend-ability, great color payoff and yes as Jaclyn Hill says, they glow in the dark. So much for highlight on fleek! Nonetheless, these colours are very fun to play around with and are suitable for most skin-tones giving the most amazing frosty shades that you have ever seen before in a palette.

Wearing Subsolar

Now if you don't already know, all three of these palettes can be worn for both the face and body and as seen on the picture above (wearing Subsolar on the cheekbones) the color distribution is very smooth. The only thing about the shimmer shades which you do have to be wary is to try not to layer on too much as a little goes a long way - else you might risk having visible fine lines and pores peeking through.

Sleek Makeup Palette in Midas Touch


If you take notice, you would realize that the packaging for Midas Touch layers on a more matte finish  rather than a metallic look, and this is because this particular palette is a limited edition one from Sleek Makeup. There are also four shades within, however in terms of formulation, it is a little bit different from the one in Solstice, holding three baked powders (Tanzanite, Rhinestone and Cubic Zirconia) and one luxurious cream formula (Solitaire).

The Four Shades(From Top Right to Bottom Right: Rhinestone, Cubic Zirconia, Tanzanite and Solitaire)
(From Left to Right: 
Rhinestone, Cubic Zirconia, Tanzanite and Solitaire)

Playing up to more cool tones rather than the warm ones that was seen together in the Solstice palette, this one does have stunning metallic finishes ; especially as can be seen by the cream formulation in the shade Solitaire.

Wearing Rhinestone

However as there is a blue toned highlight within as well, it can be noted that this palette is not meant for everybody; nonetheless as seen from the picture above when the shade is blended, it rests into a nice pale and frosty tone that remarkably looks very similar to the Pearl highlight from Becca Cosmetics.

Sleek Makeup Palette in Precious Metal


To the palette that started it all, we take a look at Precious Metals, the perfect collection of shades for Summer where gold and bronze highlighters take place. Now considering that all three of these palettes are meant for both face and body, the one in Precious Metals certainly play this bit up, showcasing a range of shades in once again different formulation; three luxurious velvet cream formulas and one powder.

The Four Shades(From Top Right to Bottom Right: Renaissance Gold, Antique Bronze, Royal Gold and Platinum)

(From Left to Right: 
Antique Bronze, Renaissance Gold, Royal Gold and Platinum)

As seen from the swatches above, these shades are probably not as intense as the other two palettes but nonetheless the color payoff for each are just as good. A favorite amongst the four for Summer would be the one in Antique Bronze; the only powder shade in the entire palette.

Applied Antique Bronze at the bridge of the nose

As we had run out of places to do a clear swatch on the skin to see how it would look like, Antique Bronze was taken to highlight the bridge of the nose, dusting slightly towards the tip. As can be seen, the shade is quite subtle but yet creates a slight shimmer tone that elevates the bridge of the nose a bit more.

Overall Pairing of the Three Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palettes

Left to Right: Subsolar, Antique Bronze and Solitaire

So overall here we have on the face a tone from each palette (Left cheek:Subsolar from Solstice, Right cheek: Solitaire from Midas touch, and on the bridge of the nose Antique Bronze from Precious Metals).

Now if you look closely at the picture, the one in Subsolar does have a more Wam Bam in your face kind of effect but as can be seen compared to the other two, it does not give a smooth blurred out transition; as there is a noticeable sheen of natural skin and pores peeking through.

A Closer Look at Subsolar

In terms of preference, the one in Midas Touch definitely takes the cake and although it may not suit to many skin-tones, it is much enjoyed and appreciated that the variety of shades provided from Sleek Makeup in that palette is very versatile indeed. The blurred out effect and blend-ability for the formulation also deserves a big round of applause as well so in terms of that, it looks like this cool toned palette would be very much loved indeed.

Now if you are interested in making a purchase of any of these three palettes, each of them retail at USD14.99 at Sleek Makeup's Official Website. For further details, you can also visit them at their Facebook handle as well.


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