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Experiencing Hong Kong- Day 2

Starting Day 2 at Kam Kee Cafe

Now as discussed in our previous post, this article on Hong Kong is going to be mostly about lodging, food, shopping experiences, where to go and how to get there. However before starting the day, a hearty breakfast is always a must have in our books due to the fact that you might be exploring and walking quite a bit, so if you are up for a good foodie place that has a lot of varieties at a good price, you can try heading over to Kam Kee Cafe at Causeway Bay.

The design for the menu
Kam Kee's Thick Toast with Egg, Chicken, Toast plus a slice of tomato and cucumber on the side

This entire restaurant is an old traditional cafe that draws a rather retro inspiration from old trams as seen from its decor. It is about five minute walk from our Mini Hotel and includes popular dishes such as Kam Kee's Red Soup, Thick Toast, Hong Kong Milk Tea, Fried Chicken Leg and many more.

The venue also provides great photo opportunities too so do remember to swing by with your camera when you plan to head there and on the plus side, the branch at Causeway Bay is open for 24 hours as well.

The Charter House at Causeway Bay

S Signature

In terms of lodging, we also discovered an alternate option with the Charter House. Located on the same route as the Mini Hotel, this one seems to be a more traditional hotel that caters towards those who are are in and out of the country for business.

The Signature Room
Business Center

There are four types of rooms within the hotel, each with a different theme to the different floors. In addition, if you would like the option for privacy or more, the hotel also has a signature floor for its premium members and VIP guests as well.

This includes a rather sleek looking Business Center too and works especially well for guests who are looking to do some work, have private meetings, read or surf the internet seamlessly with free WiFi. Keep in mind that this is a common area which is accessible to all premium and VIP members at no additional cost.

The Gym located on the 3rd Floor
Keeping up with your daily regime

On the other hand, if you are interested in putting a daily workout in your regime, there is also a well equipped 24-hour gym located on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It has pretty top notch equipment, so if you have some additional time during your stay, do fully utilize this aspect as well.

The Family Room
An online phone guide

Overall there are 294 rooms spread out over 20 floors which gives a pretty wide range of capacity and if you are looking for the amenities as well, they will be listed down below according to their floor levels for easier reference too.

Types of Rooms Available:

  • Standard Floor | Family: Economy Single, Superior Room
  • Signature Floor: S Classic, S Signature
  • Business Floor: Business, Junior Suite


Business Center, Gym, Laundry Services, Medical Assistance, Baby Sitting Services, Foreign Currency Exchange Services,  Concierge, Valet Parking Service and a 24 Hour Manager on Duty.

Champs Bar
The Layout

Now for those hard-core sports fans out there who are looking to catch a live game with friends, Champs Bar located within Charter House is your main venue point. The whole place looks like something out of the scenes of 'How I Met Your Mother' and if you get hungry, there is also a great buffet spread that will be laid out for you or if you would like, you could also opt for their a la carte menu.

Heading up to Gazebo Restaurant

As for those of you who appreciate fine dining or one with an experience as seen below, you can head up to the Gazebo Restaurant that is located on the 1st floor of the hotel. This place offers all day a la carte dining and abundant buffet selection in Causeway Bay.

Offering Oriental to Western Cuisines
Tea anyone?

Not to mention that in terms of variety, it also offers a large range of delicacies from oriental to western cuisines. Dish choices can go from a simple entree, main and dessert, depending on preference. There is also ample amount of fresh seafood offered as well so if you are up for that, it would be highly suggested to check it out. Free WiFi within the restaurant is also provided for a smooth and seamless surf.

Heading to Apple Dorm at Sham Shui Po

At the Sham Shui Po Market

So taking a small break from venues of lodging for a bit, let's have a look around the area of Sham Shui Po. This location is heading up to Dragon Center (about 10 minutes away), and is a great place for doing shopping.

However, do note that this is a slightly different sort of commercial shopping that you would have in mind, but if you are looking for little local foodie delights, certain fabrics,  gadgets or even treats, simply walk around the Sham Shui Po Market where you will have a ton of variety to choose from. Fresh seafood and produce can also be bought along the area as well.

At the entrance of Apple Dorm

Now heading back to our lodging options around Dragon Centre, we have one from Eton Group Properties called Apple Dorm. This place is conveniently located around the city center and is right opposite the Dragon Centre Shopping Mall. Additionally we also have the Sham Shui Po Market just around the corner so this locale is pretty much set up with most amenities nearby.

There are 110 rooms within the 5 floors of Apple Dorm and if you are looking to stay here long term, it averages out to HK$3000-HK$3800 per month. Rooms fit to about 50sqf -100sqf each (2 types) with a centralized air conditioning system and as for the common share, both bathroom and pantry are there for usage. There is also a common area upstairs as well.

Apple Dorm Option 2

Light cooking is allowed such as Maggi and more and there is also a personalized system to key in for additional measures to the security. This locality is a good option for backpackers, exchange students or for those who are looking for a short stay before finding a permanent place in Hong Kong.

Details for Apple Dorm:

  • Monthly Cost: HK$3K-HK$3.8K (locations nearby are usually around HK$6K on average)
  • Contract: Month to month basis (depending on preference) with 1 month deposit
  • Room Space: 50sqf - 100 sqf
  • Room Types: 2
  • Offers: Centralized Air Conditioning. Light Cooking, Personalized System Security for each room and entry to the dorms, Refrigerator and microwave provided and Free WiFi.

Visiting Dragon Centre

Outside of Dragon Centre

Now onwards to something that we are pretty sure that you all have been wanting to check out-Dragon Centre. This place is over 23 years in age, is huge and is filled with such amazing shops over its nine floors whether it be for souvenirs, food, gaming or even fashion. All needs in just one place and it is basically a shopping haven for both the locals and tourists alike.

The Indoor Ice-Skating Rink
Collection of skates

Plus if you are looking for some fun or a recreational activity to do with family and friends, you can always head up to the 8th floor where there is an indoor ice skating ring called Sky Rink. The space is pretty big and if you would like a personalized trainer to teach you how to skate, you can also sign up with one over the counter.

At Apple Mall
Located on the 5th and 7th floor

As for souvenirs or cute little items to bring home to your loved ones, head below to the 5th and 7th floor, where you will find a place called Apple Mall. Try not to be fooled by its entry though for even though the place might seem a little small on the outside, the pathways run deep, covering more than 500 stores within both floors. You can find jewelry, bags, clothing, plush toys and more- a highly recommended visit that you would certainly not want to miss.

At Cafe 360

As for our final stop of the day, you might want to keep Cafe 360 in mind. This is located on the 6th floor of Dragon Centre and opening hours are from 11am-10pm. The dishes that they serve is a merger between Korean and Western and has a separate menu for lunch, tea and dinner.

Checking out the dinner menu

This place pretty much hits the spot of a solid gold mine in terms of fusion cuisines and has an amazing Korean inspired decor and interior. So far there are 4 branches located in Hong Kong and as you can see below in its plating, the food is just as delicious as what can be viewed in its serve.

The Dinner Menu at Cafe 360

Roasted Spring Chicken (Half) with Cheese & Mushrooms, served with Belgian Waffle, Sunny Side Up French Fries and Salad (HK$128)
Pan Omurice with Shrimp Cutlets in Japanese Sesame Sauce
Porcini Rice with Abalone & Chicken in Stone Pot (HK$228)
Pizza with Parma Ham & Arugula (HK$88)

Now even though this might be a lot to digest in one look, let's have a few highlights. Having sampled most of the dishes, the cream of the crop as a favorite would be the one below which is the Slow Cooked Spring Chicken (Half) with Lemon & French Fries. This dish packed such a punch in flavor and seasoning that honestly it was just an incredible experience just eating it. Certainly a definite must try.

Slow Cooked Spring Chicken (Half) with Lemon & French Fries
Belgian Waffle with Strawberry and Ice Cream (HK$62)
Belgian Waffle with Mango & Ice Cream (HK$60)

Another favorite falls in terms of desserts and this one goes to the Belgian Waffle with Mango & Ice Cream. A beautifully balanced sliced waffle, the portion is just right if shared between two people. The taste was not too overly sweet which was lovely and it came with the right serve of mango and chilled ice cream which gave it the right amount of freshness and lightness that this palette cleanser needed.

Ending the Day

So before this summary of Hong Kong comes to a close, we will be giving you guys a small peek into Stanley Bay, where to go and to visit. It will be our third and final entry and is going to be slightly different than the ones we did on the city, but hey if you are into scenery and touristy delights, you might definitely want to check that one out. In the meantime, if you missed our first post, you can always link it up here as well.


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