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Experiencing Hong Kong - Day 1

Mini Hotel at Causeway Bay

Having been in Hong Kong for a day, here is what we discovered. Amidst the bustling crowds, famous eateries and beautiful infrastructure, there are still some gems left around this breathtaking city that have yet to be explored.

We all know that the finer things in life comes in the simplest of forms and yesterday we uncovered one, a trendy yet chic lodging that an explorer or a humble traveler can appreciate. This venue is strategically placed right in the heart of Hong Kong around the most popular locales and high end shopping streets; and its called the Mini Hotel at Causeway Bay.

Mini Hotel at Causeway Bay

The lobby

The design of this boutique hotel was taken to inspiration by its founder through sleek and modern elegance but yet with an artistic rustic touch. There are 16 floors to its foundation and the locality boosts over 208 guestrooms ranging from 100 square feet that are available to us in three categories depending on preference which are Classic Twins, a Mini Double and a Smart Queen.

Anyone up for coffee?
Travel pamphlets and brochures

Amenities within include clean linen, hair dryers, LCD TVs, in room safes and a complimentary Wi-Fi Connection for all guests to have a comfortable stay. Joint room options for groups and family bookings are available here as well.

In the rooms
Amenities included

Now the simplicity of only having the basic necessities comes through here, so if you are indeed a traveler with a big heart who is willing to explore the great city of Hong Kong through and through, then this would be the right lodging for you.

The decor

Now in terms of sites and where you would want to explore, we did a little digging as well as we didn't want to burn daylight and hence taking up the MTR (Hong Kong's railway system) which was within walking distance of the hotel, we made a quick trip to Tsim Sha Tsui and visited the Solo Building.

SOLO Building in Tsim Sha Tsui 
(By Eton Group Properties) 

Located at Tsim Sha Tsui

So what exactly is the Solo Building in Hong Kong? Well to put it simply, this building is a dedicated hotspot for local entrepreneurs to do business. Plus from going from floor to floor, we found that the diversity of their craft varies; ranging from good nail boutiques, latest local fashions, makeup, jewelry and even an unique tattoo parlor called Girl Tattoo (located on the 8th floor at 803) that only caters to women with their innovative designs.

The shops
Find Girl Tattoo on Instagram at Mirmanda Inks

We found the concept of this to be pretty industrious really, just because despite the space constraints in Hong Kong, Solo Building has actually managed to come up with a layout that would help these businesses thrive. Plus with more space available on the above floors at an affordable, it would mean that if someone were to look to do a service in one place; then ideally Solo Building would be a one stop locale.

At Ultra Lady
Some of the equipment sold

For those of you who are looking for specifics however, there are also some local business owners who take focus on certain things like skincare, treatments and more (like the one above called Ultra Lady). These merchandise are usually imported from Korea, Japan and so forth, so for a simple consultation, you could always head on over (located on the 4th floor) and have yourself a quick discussion with the PIC on your skin conditions, routines and more.

Meeting the owner of Kanya Garden

Now in terms of makeup and jewelry, there was one boutique in particular within Solo that stood out and this venue was called Kanya Garden (also located on the 4th floor). The products distributed here are one of the most vintage and unique forms that we had ever seen and had the best of both worlds incorporated within its packaging and design.

The jewelry displayed at Kanya Garden
A Closer Look

As can be seen from the jewelry part, the settings for each piece are unique and pleasantly enough, this suits well for both the young and the old. The bracelets in particular really drew our attention for with its fine detailing, each individual setting that was placed on every design sparkled, showing off its intricacy in a majestic sort of way.

The Makeup Collection
Blushers anyone?

In terms of makeup, there was certainly a lot to be seen there as well, for they had a good variety of lipsticks, blushers and even special eyelash curlers that you make you want to invest in - just because of the quality of the formulation and its packaging.

So as can be depicted, you would certainly get a lot out of the visit if you were to come by the area where Solo is located. However as each vendor does have their own opening hours, their timings may vary, so it is always best to call ahead (+852 2882 6911) and check before strolling in.

Having dinner at Lan Fong Yuen

Now don't worry, we didn't forget about food either as we were introduced to the local delights of Hong Kong called Lan Fong Yuen in Tsim Sha Tsui. This restaurant has a few branches to its name and has a great menu variety that you could really dig into.

The serves
The Classic Fusion Baked Rice

The portions for each were pretty alright but the taste for the baked rice was the highlight of them all. So if you would like to have a taste of Hong Kong, then here is where you would start.

Ending the day with a hearty meal

Overall, the day's experience was great and walking by the streets of Hong Kong was truly an eye opener just because there was just so much life and excitement to come across. In the meantime, we will be updating on the shopping experience soon, so if you all would like to know more, do remember to stay tuned.



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