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Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Range

On Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Range 

A sharper face contour is a refined feature that most of us would like to have nowadays and looking back at its history 17 years ago where Clarins founder Jacque Courtin-Clarins received feedback from the Japanese women in his Parisian Skin Spa about owning a more refined, smaller and perfect V-Shape contour, it thus inspired Clarins to develop its first contouring serum called the Shaping Facial Lift.

Meeting expectations by introducing 2 new synergistic solutions this 2016, these two products benefit from the permanent innovation of the initial Shaping Facial Lift. So in terms of introduction, we have our first which is the V-Facial Intensive Wrap which is a highly effective wrap for an instantly lighter V Face and second, an Enhancing Eye Lift Serum which is a unique eye contour serum to reshape and open up the eyes. This of course is in synergy with the exceptional Shaping Facial Lift Serum.

The Powerful Facial Reshaping Program Beauty Routine
The Shaping Facial Lift Serum

Now in terms of the whole routine and range, let's begin with the product that started it all, which is the Shaping Facial Lift Serum (Bestseller) retailing at RM310 for a 50ml bottle. This Total V Contouring Power combines 3 powerful plant extracts that help slim, visibly de-puff and lift facial contours. The overall refining after 4 weeks, is over 22.8%.

The Ingredients Within (Results):

1. Guarana: A Slimmer Face, Defined Cheekbones and Reduced Double Chin.
2. Zerumbet Ginger: De-puffs to sharper facial features.
3. Kaki: Lifts for a sharper facial line and tighter skin.

Best Used: Apply Morning and/or Evening.
Enhancing Eye Lift Serum

Next up we have the Enhancing Eye Lift Serum, retailing at RM250 for 15ml. This product is specifically for Asian eyes and have identified 3 main characteristics which are smaller eyes, darker eye contour and thinner eyelashes.

So to resolve the issue, Clarins has now launched its 3rd generation of Enhancing Eye Lift Serum to genuinely and visibly open up its users eyes over +1.5%  in terms of the angle and +22% for the lifted aspect of the upper eyelid after 4 weeks.

The Ingredients Within (Results):

1. Guarana, Zerumbet Ginger and Kaki Extract: Bigger eyes and de-puffs excess fluids.
2. Escine from Horse Chestnut and Lady Mantle: Brighter eye contours and reduces dark circles.
3. Panthenol: Bolder Eyelashes with Vitamin B5 to reinforce the eyelashes.

Best Used: Apply morning and/or evening over the whole eye contour area.
V-Facial Intensive Wrap

Last but not least we now have the V-Facial Intensive Wrap retailing at RM240 for a 75ml bottle. This product is targeted for when the skin undergoes circulation disorders; and results in heaviness, puffiness and can sometimes look a little swollen on the features.

Thus with it's 3rd generation V-Facial Intensive Wrap, there are 3 instant actions for an SOS Solution where 82% of the face feels relieved and 70% of the facial puffiness is visibly reduced after 4 weeks.

The Ingredients Within (Results):

1. Zerumbet ginger extract, excin and beauty berry extract: Reduce facial puffiness.
2. Lady mantle extract and Kaolin: Instant Radiance Boost and matified skin.

Best Used: Apply a thick layer to a clean and dry face and neck whenever needed. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with water.
The Entire Range

When used in a routine, these three products will provide optimum results but to make it even more effective, you can also opt to pamper yourself with a high performance contouring treatment (priced at RM365 for 75 minutes), called the Total V Face Shaper which refines, lifts and firms to redefine facial contours.

There is a Shaping Sculpt Massage that goes over for 75 minutes but in the heart of this facial (25 minutes) it also showcases the new V-Facial Intensive Wraps with the Clarins Pro Refreshing Lift Mask  and best yet, you will also be able to experience the benefits of the new Enhancing Eye Lift Serum and the Clarins Pro Shaping Facial Lift.

So in the meantime, for more information and updates on the program, treatment and products, you can always head over to Clarins Official Facebook Page or their Official Website for more details.


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